Le Train wants to launch regional TGVs in the Great West in 2023

The connections imagined by the young private company must connect Arcachon, Bordeaux, Angoulême and Poitiers, then La Rochelle, Tours, Angers, Nantes and Rennes. Goal 2023.”The … Read more

wearing sanitary napkins for a long time Does not increase the risk of cervical cancer warning don’t be fooled

partWear the same sanitary pads for a long time without changing a new one. This may result in a risk of bacterial or fungal infection. … Read more

The Ministry of Public Health defines suspected cases of “monkey pox”. If sick, they are subject to 21-day quarantine.

The second symptom is blistering rash The rash spreads on the face, torso, arms and legs, but the body is slightly on the waist, not … Read more