Ricardo Arjona Retires from Music – Health Issues Force Latin Music Icon to Say Goodbye

2023-12-12 19:20:53 The Guatemalan singer and composer Ricardo Arjona (Guatemala, 1964), one of the idols of Latin music in recent decades, has announced his indefinite retirement from music due to a serious health problem. The news was delivered from Chile, one of his favorite destinations and where he concentrates a large number of fans, where … Read more

Combatting Dengue Fever in Children: The Impact of Climate Change and Strategies for Prevention

2023-12-03 08:00:01 Berlin/Dubai (ots) – The children’s rights organization Save the Children warns of the spread of dengue fever on the occasion of Health Day at the UN Climate Change Conference. The number of infected people has reached a new high this year against the backdrop of the El Niño phenomenon. At least 5,500 people … Read more

Transforming Public Health in Guatemala: Inclusive Health Model and Navarrese Cooperation

2023-11-14 07:59:05 The next WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. online in the Zoom access (Meeting ID: 950 4766 5611; Access code: 183670) and in person, in room 03 of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), we will hold this conference with the participation of the … Read more

Panama vs. Guatemala: Exciting Matchup in Concacaf Nations League Group A

2023-09-10 11:15:00 Panama and Guatemala, who debuted with victories over Martinique and El Salvador – respectively – face each other from the Doroteo Guamuch Flores stadium in what will be a vibrant match for date 2 of Group A (zone A) of the Concacaf Nations League. They are going for a second victory! The Guatemalan … Read more

Preparing for a Dengue Fever Outbreak: The State of Health Emergency in Guatemala

2023-08-31 18:52:00 “We have taken the decision to declare a state of health emergency at national level due to the situation,” Health Minister Francisco Coma announced at a press conference, adding that the measure would be in effect for three months. According to Health Ministry data, 22 people died of dengue in the country between … Read more

Guatemalan Presidential Election: Voting Calmly Amidst Corruption Controversy

2023-08-20 17:39:41 Guatemalans voted calmly on Sunday to elect a new president after a campaign marred by attempts to sideline candidate Bernardo Arévalo de León, the unexpected center-left favorite leading a crusade against corruption. The nearly 3,500 voting centers were operating normally around noon (6:00 p.m. GMT), without any incidents being reported, according to the … Read more

Top Enchanting Christmas Destinations Across the Globe: From Lapland to Marrakech

2022-12-02 08:00:00 Every year the Christ child comes – and people wonder where they should best greet him. Many decide to celebrate Christmas at home or with their families. However, there are many places across the globe that are absolutely enchanting in December. The travel magazine “TimeOut‘ compiled into a list. A German city has … Read more