Allies offer 321 heavy tanks to Ukraine | Allies offer 321 heavy tanks to Ukraine

Kyiv: Ukraine’s Ambassador to France Vadim Omelchenko said in an interview with French TV station BFM that the agreement to deliver 321 heavy tanks from several countries to Ukraine was officially approved. We need this help as soon as possible. He added. On Thursday, several Western countries, led by Germany and the United States, announced … Read more

the French Navy escorted it out of the French zone with the help of Spanish and British allies! (video)

Surprising and rare scene in France. A Russian submarine has been spotted on the surface off Brittany. The French Navy’s Normandie frigate escorted the aircraft out of French waters with the help of Spanish and British allies. “It’s a classic arrangement, insofar as the Bay of Biscay corresponds to our area of ​​responsibility. We have … Read more

Of all the arts, air defense is the most important – Newspaper Kommersant No. 190 (7391) dated 10/13/2022

On October 12, Brussels hosted the sixth meeting of the contact group on the defense of Ukraine in the Ramstein format, which brought together representatives of over 50 countries at NATO headquarters. During the meeting, it became known that NATO and other allies of Kyiv decided to reconsider the priorities of their support and focus … Read more

Turkish-Greek March

Turkey and Greece are balancing on the brink of a military conflict and are seeking the support of the US and NATO. The mutual exchange of threats takes place against the background of a significant historical date – the centenary of the end of the second Greco-Turkish war, which is remembered both in Ankara and … Read more

HIMARS are brought to the Crimean Platform – Newspaper Kommersant No. 153 (7354) of 08/23/2022

Ukraine marks the first Independence Day after the start of the Russian operation on August 24, which will be preceded by the Crimean Platform summit on Tuesday with the participation of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Against the backdrop of sharply increased attacks on Crimea, Kyiv intends to turn the peninsula into a permanent zone … Read more

Putin offers “the most modern weapons” to his allies in Latin America, Asia and Africa | International

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered his allies in Latin America, Asia and Africa “the most modern weapons” to guarantee peace. “Russia is ready to offer its allies and partners the most modern weapons, from firearms to armored vehicles, artillery, military aviation and assault drones,” warned Russian President Vladimir Putin at the opening of the “Armia-2022” … Read more