A. Loverdos at RGC: “The Democrats have been created to supply an alternative choice to the middle” – 2024-06-04 22:04:44

“The Democrats have been created to supply an alternative choice to the middle after June 11 in opposition to Mr. Mitsotakis,” mentioned Mr. Andreas Loverdos, pr. Minister and President of the Democrats get together, from the ground of the twelfth Regional Growth Convention held in Patras, stressing that the political vacuum that’s being created have … Read more

an unmissable occasion for nature lovers

Organized by the Municipality of Bastogne in collaboration with its native group “Bastogne, nature admitted” (BNA), its Native Improvement Company (ADL) and its Vacationer Workplace, this present highlights environmental safety and biodiversity, absolute priorities for the municipality. On this system for this version, guests can have the chance to find a mess of actions and … Read more

Loverdos to the Democrats with 5 MEP candidates from Achaia! – 2024-04-09 19:57:34

If nothing else, the president of the “Democrats” Andreas Loverdos does not forget his birthplace. After all, not four, five are the MEP candidates of his party who draw their origin from Achaia. A. Loverdos himself, the vice-president Theodoros Papatheodorou, Lena Karalis from Patras, Emilia Kakavanis from Aigio (announced yesterday with 12 other candidates) and … Read more

Andreas Loverdos in “P” – 2024-04-02 16:17:11

Four even… remotely Achaeans are expected to fill the European ballot of the newly formed “Democrates” party, of the paternal former minister Andreas Loverdos. It is about him, the vice president appointed yesterday Theodoros Papatheodorouthe hometown of an architect Lena Karalis who is active professionally in Athens and another member of the “Democrats” who has … Read more

Pakistani Girl Murdered in Italy: Life Imprisonment for Father and Uncle – Latest Update

2023-12-20 05:30:26 Rome: An Italian court sentenced the father of a Pakistani girl to life imprisonment in the case of murdering his daughter, whose family did not agree to an arranged marriage. Zaman Abbas, an 18-year-old girl who lived with her parents in Novellara, near Bologna, Italy, was brutally murdered. The incident took place in … Read more

The Tragic Disappearance and Murder of Mélodie Mendes da Silva: What We Know

2023-12-16 12:04:00 Mélodie Mendes da Silva, a 34-year-old mother, disappeared in early November in Marseille. A body, “very likely” hers, was found after the confession of her alleged murderer, her lover, a 40-year-old man indicted Friday evening for “assassination”. Here is what we know about this affair. Disappearance Mélodie Mendes da Silva, beautician, mother of … Read more

“It has only been a little while, but what has been seen and known is a great story”; Shine Tom Chacko about love

2023-11-19 14:53:59 News18 Malayalam | November 19, 2023, 8:23 PM IST Shine Tom Chacko talks about how he won over Tanuja 1/ 6 If you take a look at the young stars of Malayalam cinema, Shine Tom Chacko is at the forefront. Shine Tom is an actor who has made a place in Malayali mind … Read more