Loverdos to the Democrats with 5 MEP candidates from Achaia! – 2024-04-09 19:57:34

If nothing else, the president of the “Democrats” Andreas Loverdos does not forget his birthplace. After all, not four, five are the MEP candidates of his party who draw their origin from Achaia. A. Loverdos himself, the vice-president Theodoros Papatheodorou, Lena Karalis from Patras, Emilia Kakavanis from Aigio (announced yesterday with 12 other candidates) and the Greek-Egyptian Mariantonis Politis, who comes from Akrata.

Out of a total of 42 MEP candidates, 5 come from Achaia, which means that proportionally it is the highest percentage of participation, compared to any other electoral region of the country.

Andreas Loverdos commented to “Peloponnisos”: “These are nominations with recognized special weight, which cover a wide spectrum of politics and society and I am proud, because our ballot is distinguished for its high quality characteristics.”

And he revealed, at the same time, that next week a nomination will be announced, from the journalistic field, which will cause a pan-Hellenic sensation.

Perceiving Achaia as the first priority, Mr. Loverdos of the “Democrats” convened a meeting yesterday with the participation of the other 4 MEP candidates from Achaia, as well as executives of the “Democrats” and planned their pre-election trips to the prefecture in the coming weeks.

“We are celebrating the news, which is an overwhelming need to express the voters who have been disappointed by the ND and PASOK” added the Achaean politician, while concluding by saying that the “Democrats” came to stay in the political scene as expressions of moderation, prudence , of patriotic logic and political correctness.

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