Israeli Army Orders WHO to Leave Gaza Medical Warehouse – Conflict Escalates in Southern Gaza Strip

2023-12-05 19:21:26 The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, indicated on Monday that he had received a notice from the Israeli army to “withdraw our supplies from our medical warehouse in the south of the Gaza Strip within 24 hours, because the operations in ground will render it unusable. But the Israeli Defense body … Read more

a dog left one of the models half naked

2023-12-05 11:18:57 A photo session took an unexpected turn when a dog burst onto the scene, stripping one of the participating women of her dress. While they were posing for photographs, the unexpected intruder decided to intervene and snatched the dress from one of them, leaving her perplexed and stunned for a few moments. He … Read more

Rescue and Safe Arrival: Mauritanian Canoe Journey to Canary Islands

2023-12-04 22:21:41 This canoe set sail from the Mauritanian coast on December 2, 2023 and intended to reach the Canary Islands, indicates a press release from the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces. The rescued people received the necessary care on board and were transported to the port of Dakhla before being entrusted to … Read more

Morocco’s Avocado Market: Growing Imports, Surging Exports, and Sustainable Solutions

2023-12-03 18:59:55 In a context where avocado finds its place among the essential products in the household basket, Morocco seeks to adequately supply the market to meet an increasingly growing need. Indeed, if Morocco was, at the end of 2022, the ninth world exporter of avocados, its imports of this fruit during the year 2023 … Read more

Moroccan GDP Forecast 2023: Agricultural Sector Recovery & Auto Industry Growth

2023-12-03 16:53:21 This improvement in Moroccan GDP would be fueled by an expected recovery in the agricultural sector, particularly after the wave of drought observed last year which led to a significant drop in agricultural production, we can read in a recent FMA report on Arab economic prospects. The FMA also expects the automobile industry … Read more

The Controversial Video of Cyclist Felix Groß: Team Emirates’ Response and Future Plans

2023-12-03 11:03:00 A video featuring cyclist Felix Groß, member of the Team Emirates team, and teammate of Tadej Pogacar, has sparked heated controversy on the networks. In this video which has gone viral, we can see the young man being towed by a truck during cycling training. Indeed, while he is driving, the young man … Read more