Trucks will be removed from Pernavas Street in Riga

Currently, the Department of External Space and Mobility of the Riga Municipality has developed a new traffic management scheme, before its introduction it is necessary to update the surface on the Gustav Zemgala gatve section from Unijas Street to Brivibas Street. This construction season, it is planned to carry out work to restore the surface … Read more

The Ministry of Transport has 5 directions for reorienting ports and logistics

“Finally putting an end to this after many years of dependence on transit of Russian origin is in the interests of Latvia’s security and growth,” Brishkens noted. He said that at the meeting, the Ministry of Transport proposed five priority areas on how to specifically reorient the Latvian ports and logistics industry, namely: cargo flows … Read more

A journalist appointed Special Delegate of the commune of Moabi –

Journalist Simon Bolivard Ibinga Maguena, was appointed Special Delegate responsible for the management of the commune of Moabi, departmental capital of Douigny in the province of Nyanga (south-west) by Transition Committee for the Restoration of Institutions (CTRI) . With more than 20 years of experience in newsrooms handling political, social, environmental and cultural news files … Read more

Understanding the Impact of Planetary Retrograde on Well-being: A Deep Dive into Saturn’s Influence

2023-11-29 07:28:20 After more than five months, my tiredness finally left with “Retrograde Saturn”, and the 2023 Transit Chat – (Venus & Jupiter-1/3) that I had hidden and delayed before was released again, and Let’s rework the other two articles in this series. So how does “laziness and planetary retrograde” relate to each other? Is … Read more

The James-Webb telescope makes an exceptional discovery by detecting this gas in an exoplanet

2023-11-23 20:03:11 In our atmosphere, we would tend, in these times of anthropogenic global warming, to want to see methane disappear. A powerful greenhouse gas. In the atmosphere of exoplanets, on the contrary, astronomers are excited to find them, because it opens up many perspectives for them. In the constellation Eagle, more than 160 light … Read more

The geologist from Neuquén is the seventh to die in two months on Route 22

2023-10-21 08:00:00 In two months, at least seven people died due to traffic incidents on National Route 22, between Choele Choel, Regina, Godoy and Plottier. Yesterday, October 20, there was one more victim from this cause in Regina. The tragic accident occurred during the early hours of Friday, leaving José Luis Lucchetti, a well-known retired … Read more

Intense Traffic and Storm Alerts on the Atlantic Coast for Extra Long Weekend

2023-05-24 07:00:00 Intense traffic flow to the Atlantic Coast for the extra long weekend Around 2,000 cars per hour were heading to the Atlantic Coast tonight, although the main destination is the city of Mar del Plata, where hotel reservations for this long weekend reached 70 percent. The average number of vehicles that passed through … Read more

Experience the Thrilling Suspension Bridge at Saint Park in Aryaf Resort, Al Shafa, Taif

2023-07-19 12:40:14 A video clip showed the opening of the suspension bridge in Saint Park in the Aryaf resort in Al Shafa, Taif. A number of visitors documented the experience of walking on the suspension bridge, which is equipped with safety and security elements for visitors, including fastening seat belts, in addition to the presence … Read more