Has Shaji Kailas made such a statement against Suresh Gopi? Know the fact.. – Fact Crescendo Malayalam

2023-11-08 04:07:10 Description A Facebook post titled Director Shaji Kailas’s comment about Suresh Gopi has gone viral. The text of the post is as follows- He went completely out of hand with the movie Commissioner. Suresh’s body language, hand gestures and speech are so different that it is impossible to tell whether it is a … Read more

Expatriates Arrested by Fake Clinic and Travel Agency in Kuwait City: Shocking Details and Official Actions Unveiled

2023-08-02 02:47:50 Kuwait City: Expatriates arrested by fake clinic and travel agency Still. All three who ran the fake clinic were run by an unauthorized travel agency. An expatriate was also arrested. The fake medical clinic and travel office is located in Jaleeb Al Shuyukh area. It was working. A large amount of drugs were … Read more

Kerala Fake Degree Controversy: Unveiling the Truth Behind Nikhil Thomas’ Alleged Involvement – Latest Updates

2023-06-21 20:07:41 Alappuzha: Kerala has said that it has nothing to hide on the fake degree controversy of former SFI leader Nikhil Thomas and will respond after getting the correct information. University syndicate member KH Babujan said that he was responding to the allegation that he recommended Nikhil Thomas for M.Com admission in Kayamkulam MSM … Read more

“Maradona Social Media Hacking Scandal and the Fight for Truth”

2023-05-24 11:58:34 Maradona is a wound, without beginning Persistent A wound that won’t heal… Now some hackers have come up with a program to rub chili on that wound. The cruel pastime of these people is to hack Diego Maradona’s social media accounts and send the message “The news of my death was fake” from … Read more

VIDEO: Facts about TNI POM Officers Chasing Cars Using Fake Plates Viral Again on Social Media

2023-04-29 13:37:59 Merdeka.com – Circulating a video of a green car like an official car TNI The Army drives on rotators on the highway. Puspom TNI officers gave chase to stop the car. After checking it turned out that the service plate used was fake. The driver with the initials K is a private employee. … Read more

Trump pleads not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records – Xinhua English.news.cn

Former US President Trump (middle). (Archyde.com) A simulation of Trump’s court appearance. (Archyde.com) Former U.S. President Trump appeared in court at 2:15 p.m. New York time on Tuesday 4th (2:15 a.m. Taiwan time 5th) in the case of paying porn star “Stormy Daniels” (Stormy Daniels). Trump arrived at the Manhattan prosecutor’s office in New York … Read more

The monument in the name of the Pharaohs in Egypt.. A completely fake underground cemetery

Yesterday, the Egyptian authorities revealed the existence of a “full fake Pharaonic tomb” that was built by underground thieves in Beni Suef with the aim of fraud and selling it to antiquities smugglers by making them believe that it is real, according to media statements by the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa … Read more