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2023-11-08 04:07:10


A Facebook post titled Director Shaji Kailas’s comment about Suresh Gopi has gone viral. The text of the post is as follows-

He went completely out of hand with the movie Commissioner. Suresh’s body language, hand gestures and speech are so different that it is impossible to tell whether it is a movie or a life. When I pointed it out several times, Bharat Chandran styled even me, made by Bharat Chandran. The content of the post is that Shaji Kailas said. This has been shared from the Facebook profile of Manoj D Mannath for the post So far it has received more than 199 reactions and more than 18 shares-

But has Shaji Kailas actually made such a response about Suresh Gopi? Let’s check what is true.

This is the fact

From the very first look at the official Facebook profile of Shaji Kailas, he responded to the campaign Facebook post Found shared. Shaji Kailash’s tribute is as follows-

In the last few days, I have seen many people sharing something that I have not said on social media. Remember.. Suresh and I’s relationship did not start with the commissioner. We have been friends ever since we came to the cinema. Suresh was the hero in my first film. Suresh is the hero in my next film as well. We have conflicts and disagreements. We both know the depth and breadth of it. I know that he was and still is the owner of a good and friendly personality. His politics and mine are different. But our brotherly friendship transcends politics. It cannot be destroyed. Those who take pleasure in making fake news like this please stop doing this. This is a very painful thing to do mentally.

Full text of the post-


That is, Shaji Kailas himself has responded that the propaganda is fake and he has not made any such remarks against Suresh Gopi. So it can be assumed that the propaganda is fake.
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Title: Has Shaji Kailas made such a statement against Suresh Gopi? Know the fact..

Written By: Dewin Carlos

Result: False

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