A woman who left America for an Indian man got stuck – World

How is it possible that amazing and sad events do not happen in India? Recently, a woman who came to India for love has faced severe difficulties.

According to the Indian media, the American woman traveled 8,000 kilometers for her lover and reached India with her daughter, but she had no idea how much trouble was waiting for her.

The American woman Nina Kala Poodle had arrived from the US to the Kishanganj district of the Indian state of Bihar, where she was accompanied by her 11-year-old daughter Evans Biswa.

The American woman befriended Indian man Neema Tamang on Facebook, which turned into love over time.

The Aadhaar card of the American wife and her daughter was made by the Indian husband for just 10,000 Indian rupees from a local shop in the Alipur Duar area of ​​the district.

While on the basis of the same fake Aadhaar card, the couple went to Nepal for their honeymoon, but the situation changed when the security forces on the Nepal-India border stopped the woman on the basis of the fake Aadhaar card. A 40-year-old Nanny Kala and her daughter were stopped at the Pani Tinki border, while a 33-year-old man was also detained.

According to Indian media, Neena Kala has an Indian visa which is valid till 2029, but daughter’s visa is valid till 2025.