The EU loses greater than a billion euros a 12 months as a result of piracy

Piracy stays widespread within the EU. Nonetheless, based on annual research carried out by the EUIPO, there’s a downward pattern.

In 2022, 52% of younger folks in Europe stated that they had purchased counterfeit items, and 37% had completed so greater than as soon as. In Estonia, two years in the past, 31% of younger folks surveyed admitted buying counterfeit items. Final 12 months, the EU common was 10%, and in Estonia solely 4% of younger folks aged 15 to 24 admitted to buying counterfeit items. Younger folks purchase counterfeit items probably the most in Greece (18%).

Regardless of the numerous decline, the sale of counterfeit items, based on EUIPO calculations, causes important harm to the EU. Losses are estimated at €851 million, representing 11% of gross sales within the sector.

Within the newest Faux Star police operation, eight million counterfeit luxurious and sporting items have been found and confiscated throughout Europe, representing greater than half of the full 14 million counterfeit gadgets seized. Through the operation, 552,611 pairs of sneakers, 1,140,343 sportswear and 5,497,460 counterfeit logos have been seized. The estimated retail worth of the counterfeit sporting items was €120 million.

Piracy additionally happens within the type of unlawful streaming. If final 12 months 13% of surveyed Estonians confirmed that they watched sports activities broadcasts by means of unlawful channels, then this 12 months 11% of respondents admitted this. The typical for the European Union is 12%. Greater than half (58%) of piracy happens by means of streaming and 32% by means of downloading.

The EUIPO estimates that piracy throughout all media channels generates a billion euros of illicit income annually and has a serious influence on sports activities funding, a good portion of which comes from mental property rights.

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The most important variety of sporting occasions are watched by means of pirate channels in Bulgaria (21%). It’s adopted by Greece (20%), Eire (19%), Spain (19%) and Luxembourg (18%).

Sports activities occasions by means of unlawful channels on the Web are primarily watched by younger folks aged 15 to 24 years. The most important share (47%) are younger folks from Bulgaria, adopted by Spain and Greece (42%), Slovenia (39%) and Eire (34%). In Estonia, based on analysis, there are 30% of such younger folks.

To scale back piracy, the EUIPO initiates a “Honest Play” marketing campaign at the beginning of the world sporting season, encouraging followers to comply with official sports activities broadcasts and purchase authentic merchandise.

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