Residents of Latvia change housing much less frequently than residents of Estonia

The Luminor study found that 55% of Estonian residents, 44% of Latvian residents and 39% of Lithuanian residents have changed their place of residence four or more times in their lives. In Estonia, 4% of respondents live in one place all their lives, and in Latvia and Lithuania 8% have never moved from one house … Read more

“I came to the program in need.. Can you guide me?” • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr became angry at the presenter of the stubborn program broadcast on Al-Shams channel, and refused to allow her to read the message of distributor Nadim Hamid Al-Shaeri, in which he attacked him via Facebook because of his attack on his father, artist Hamid Al-Shaeri. He interrupted her after reading … Read more

Brunella Horna | Richard Acuña hired Ezio Oliva for more than S/ 25,000 to ask for her hand | America today | commitment | marriage | private concert | shows

The commitment of Brunella Horna and Richard Acuna keep giving what to talk about. The recent union brought with it several questions within the Peruvian show business, such as how much was spent for the organization of the event. Before the questions, “America today” released some details about the cost of the organization for the … Read more

Aaron Picasso affirms that he would work in the porn industry: “You earn well” | No budget | Youtube | podcast | In the background there is room | jaimito | shows

After his departure fromThere is room in the background”, Aaron Picasso has caused a stir among his fans with his revelations about the time he played ‘Jaimito’ in the Peruvian TV series. During an interview for the YouTube channel Without a budget, the young actor revealed some details of his personal and acting life. Along … Read more

Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña: witness reveals how much the marriage proposal cost | Cesar Acuna | cinema | marriage | love and fire | Rodrigo Gonzalez | shows

The commitment of Brunella Horna y Richard Acuna It has caused a furor in social networks due to the long wait. “love and fire” He also commented on the subject and one of the attendees did not hesitate to communicate with Rodrigo González live to reveal details of the aforementioned request for a hand. Where … Read more