Watch.. A Jordanian resident in the Kingdom tells the story of his daughters’ marriage to Saudis..and reveals his will after his death

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In the video .. “Saleh Al-Areedh” tells the details of King Salman’s attendance of a karate training session with Prince Muhammad and his brothers

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“Among them is a naked Russian woman who knocked on the door of a preacher’s room in a hotel” .. Bin Bakheet tells a number of strange stories that preachers have promoted in the Kingdom during the past 40 years

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A person recounts a strange situation that happened to him with a beautiful girl whom he saw by chance sitting next to a man in a restaurant! • Al Marsad newspaper

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Yaqoub Boushahri tells a strange situation that happened to him in London, and the story of an “unidentified woman” who warned him of a “strange thing.”

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