Best Ways to Save iPhone Battery Life: Insider Tips from Former Apple Sales Employee

2023-12-19 22:09:37

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Tyler Morgan, a former Apple sales employee, revealed the best ways to save iPhone battery life.

Below are the most important of these methods, according to what was reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail:

Battery not charging 100%

Users shouldn’t charge the iPhone to 100% and disable Bluetooth and background activity, Morgan said. Morgan recommends charging the phone battery to 80% because batteries age chemically when they are constantly charged to 100%.

Turn off background activity

Morgan also urged iPhone owners to turn off background activity, which prevents apps from running while they are not in use. This is done by going to General and then Background App Refresh. You will be shown a list of apps running in the background, which can be turned off.

Turn off location services

Morgan suggests turning off location services for apps when not in use.

Many apps will ask users if they can track locations while running, allowing users to only enable the function when they use it or not enable it at all.

Reduce phone brightness

Morgan also suggested lowering the phone’s brightness to prevent battery drain, turning off Siri and turning off Bluetooth when it’s not being used.

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