The country’s GDP will increase to 4.3 percent -IMF The country’s GDP will increase to 4.3 percent -IMF

Muscat: The IMF estimates that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) will rise to 4.3 percent this year. The main reason behind the increase in GDP is the increased production of petroleum products and the discovery of non-oil sources of income. According to a statement released by the IMF, Oman’s GDP for 2020 was down. … Read more

Oman bans foreigners from some jobs in telecom sector

Oman: The Telecom Regulatory Authority has taken a decision to completely indigenize the installation and maintenance of IT equipment, systems and networks, banning foreigners from certain jobs in the telecom sector. Officials of the Telecom Regulatory Authority said that this decision will come into effect after publication in the official gazette. According to the third … Read more

Phone scams continue in Oman

Phone scams continue in Oman despite warnings. In addition to frauds using SMS and WhatsApp messages, frauds continue by calling directly on the phone, obtaining information and embezzling money. The number of victims is increasing because the victims of scams do not speak up or complain. Fake calls and messages are still being received in … Read more

Expatriate drowned in private farm’s underground water reservoir in Oman

An expatriate died after falling into an underground reservoir in Oman’s North Al Sharqia governorate. The rescue team of the Civil Defense and Ambulance Department of the governorate informed this through a statement. An Asian expatriate was found drowned in an underground water reservoir of a private farm in Al Qabil Wilayat. No further details … Read more