Naji Al-Osta blames Nassif Zaytoun..and the reason?

2023-06-09 18:39:37 The Lebanese artist, Naji Al-Osta, blamed the Syrian artist, Nassif Zaytoun, for a situation that occurred between them, indicating that his admonition stems from great love and respect. Al-Osta said in a television interview that he blamed Zaytoun for not responding to his praise of him in one of the programs during the … Read more

Garnacho deletes a photo and publishes it, and the reason is a “cigarette.”

Alejandro Garnacho has deleted and reposted a slightly modified photo on Instagram, after Manchester United fans discovered an electronic cigarette on his sofa. The 18-year-old shared a picture of himself watching the 3-1 win over Fulham from his home as he continues to recover from an ankle injury, but he quickly removed the image when … Read more

Bushra has left the next Ramadan race.. and the reason?

Actress Bushra revealed the reason for her absence from the upcoming Ramadan drama race, and said that she prefers in the current period to focus on artistic production, adding: “I am convinced that cinema now needs work, and when the artist produces, he has an artistic dimension, other than when a producer is interested in … Read more

Watch.. “Al-Ghamdi” tells the details of his purchase of a “beyond imagination” ticket for 10 million riyals.. and the reason that prompted him to bid

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Musharraf Al-Ghamdi, winner of a ticket beyond imagination, narrated the full details of his purchase of the most expensive charity ticket, at 10 million riyals. He said during an interview with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “I entered the auction for the ticket with a charitable motive only, and … Read more

Infantino raises controversy during Pele’s funeral, and the reason is .. “Sylvie”!!

The Swiss Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Football, was subjected to harsh criticism during his participation in the funeral of the Brazilian legend Pele, who passed away at the age of 82, after a long struggle with cancer, as fans stood in a queue of more than a kilometer long to bid … Read more

In the video… the story of a Pakistani resident who hasn’t slept for 3 weeks… and the reason doesn’t come to mind!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Pakistani resident in the Kingdom recounted the details of his inability to sleep for 3 weeks, due to the injury he suffered in the head. He said, during his appearance in a video clip, that he had not slept for 3 weeks, either at night or during the day, due to the … Read more

The mother of the Bahraini Mahra reveals the secret of her beauty and the reason for the closeness of age with her daughter

Al-Marsad newspaper: The mother of the artist Fajr Walid, nicknamed the Bahraini skilled, Huda Al-Hajjaj, sparked controversy, after her recent appearance, as she appeared to be an exact copy of her daughter due to their close age. Bahraini writer Huda Al-Hajjaj and her daughter Mahra were guests on the “Saif” program, and when the two … Read more

Criticism of Messi .. The reason is emissions from his private plane!!

The Argentine star Lionel Messi is not exempt from criticism in the French press, which has been searching for the least reasons for his exposure since joining Paris Saint-Germain. The reason this time is that his private plane made 52 flights in three months, totaling 368 flying hours between June – August – August this … Read more