The film “KOS” and a meeting with the film’s director, Paweł Maślona

Event date: 2024-02-04 The organizers invite you to the film “KOS” and a meeting with the film’s director, Paweł Maślona. The spring of 1794 was boiling in Poland. General Tadeusz “Kos” Kościuszko returns to the country and plans to start an uprising against the Russians, mobilizing the Polish nobility and peasants. He is accompanied by … Read more

The refugee baker in Valladolid who responds to his neighbors reluctant to a center for immigrants: “People have not gone hungry” | Spain

Nayem Abdalla kneads, bakes and delivers bread to those who do not want others like him to come to the neighborhood. The baker wakes up at four in the morning, ties his apron, puts on his hat, molds the sourdough, the flour dyes his toasted skin white and his expert hands prepare loaves and ciabattas. … Read more

“Squatters in 8-Storey Building Cause Fire: Updates, News, and More”

2023-04-29 19:35:13 There were no injuries, but firefighters struggled to dislodge the squatters present in the 8-storey building, reported Walter Derieuw, the spokesman for the fire department. The fire was reported shortly before 6:30 p.m. When the emergency services arrived on the scene, the 2 upper floors were on fire. “During search and rescue operations, … Read more

A report monitors the suffering of the people of Cordoba neighborhood in Riyadh from car rental offices… and one of them is offering his house for sale • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Abdullah Al-Shammari offered his house in Riyadh for sale due to the large number of “rental offices” cars. Al-Shammari said, in an interview with the “Al-Rased” program, “I offered the house for sale and I am now looking for an alternative house,” noting: “I am comfortable in my home because it is … Read more

Film criticism, an “unfriendly” profession in constant transformation

Pep Prieto, Isaki Lacuesta, Imma Merino and Àngel Quintana closed yesterday evening in the Grand Auditorium of the Carles Rahola Public Library in Girona, the 10th Rahola Week, with “A film debate”, a relaxed conversation in the around the past, present, and future of critics. Pep Prieto opened the evening, noting that the job “has … Read more