Distinction for Emmanuela Georgopoulou at HAIR EXPO & AWARDS 2024 – 2024-04-02 01:00:33

Another distinction for one of the leading Greek hair stylists, Patrini Emmanuela Georgopoulou.This time the All Cyprus Federation of Hairdressers honored Ms. Georgopoulou with the first prize in the “Imagination Hairstyle” category at HAIR EXPO & AWARDS 2024 which was held with great success at the Pavilion Hall in Nicosia from 25 to 26 February … Read more

The refugee baker in Valladolid who responds to his neighbors reluctant to a center for immigrants: “People have not gone hungry” | Spain

Nayem Abdalla kneads, bakes and delivers bread to those who do not want others like him to come to the neighborhood. The baker wakes up at four in the morning, ties his apron, puts on his hat, molds the sourdough, the flour dyes his toasted skin white and his expert hands prepare loaves and ciabattas. … Read more

Studios Focus On Inclusive Video Games, With More Feminism And Diversity

2023-12-11 09:53:38 Studios are increasingly interested in inclusive video games, so that they integrate transgender heroes, indigenous peoples and Afro hairstyles, due to pressure from users, who want more “representativeness” in the characters and intrigues. The clearest example of this trend is the introduction in the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto 6” of Lucía, which … Read more

Dispelling Myths and Misconceptions about HIV: The Truth About Treatment and Prevention

2023-12-01 07:12:49 HIV can, however, be easily treated, reports the “VolksBlatt”. Medication can prevent the disease from breaking out in the body and prevent it from being contagious, but many people don’t know this. The pharmaceutical company Gilead from Austria conducted a representative survey of 1,000 people about HIV. Something shocking came out. 21 percent … Read more

World AIDS Day: Addressing Stigma and Misconceptions about HIV in Austria

2023-11-30 20:30:31 Friday is World AIDS Day. Every year on December 1st, attention is drawn to the immunodeficiency disease caused by the HIV virus. According to the UN program UNAIDS, there were 1.3 million new infections last year, and around 39 million people are living with HIV. In Austria there are an estimated 8,000 to … Read more

The Rise of Geert Wilders: The Dutch Election, Muslim Voters, and the Far Right

2023-11-24 06:40:00 But he muted his anti-Islam rhetoric during the campaign, focusing more on issues such as the rising cost of living. Wilders is coming “I am of Turkish origin and Muslim. However, I voted for Geert Wilders” “I am of Turkish origin and Muslim. However, I voted for Geert Wilders,” said a resident of … Read more

Promoting Tolerance and Diversity: A Comprehensive Resource for Education and Advocacy

2023-11-22 13:04:36 © 2023 Tolerance.ca® Inc. All reproduction rights reserved. All information reproduced on the www.tolerance.ca site (articles, images, photos, logos) is protected by intellectual property rights held by Tolerance.ca® Inc. or, in certain cases, by their authors. None of this information may be reproduced for other than personal use. Any modification, wide distribution reproduction, … Read more