The Ukrainian Army’s Strategic Move: Crossing the Dnieper River and Establishing a Bridgehead

2023-11-15 03:35:51 The Ukrainian army crossed the Dnieper River in rubber boats and landed in Kherson to establish a bridgehead. (Illustration) Picture: Screenshot of Twitter video Ukraine has recently made further progress in Kherson, taking the opportunity to cross the Dnieper River through heavy fog. The Russian army’s unmanned genes were unable to detect the … Read more

Russian Attack in Kherson: Two Dead, Many Injured in Massive Missile Strike

2023-09-21 07:37:42 Kyiv: Two people died in Kherson, Ukraine in a Russian attack. Many people were injured. A massive missile attack has taken place since this morning. Two people, aged 29 and 41, were killed in Russian military shelling of residential quarters in Kherson, regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin said. Four people, including a 61-year-old woman, … Read more

The Aftermath of the Kachowka Dam Collapse: Devastation and Environmental Concerns in Southern Ukraine

2023-07-06 05:23:21 Even four weeks after the collapse of the Kachowka dam, the consequences are still visible everywhere. Even if the water has receded – there is a picture of devastation everywhere. It’s been a month since the destruction of the Russian-controlled Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine, which flooded large parts of the Kherson region. … Read more

Ukrainian Floods Devastate Farmers: 10 Dead and 41 Missing while Russia Denies Responsibility

2023-06-12 19:06:20 Ten people are dead in the Ukrainian flood area, 41 are still missing according to official information. Farmers are left with nothing. The water is slowly receding in southern Ukraine. The level of the Dnipro is falling, according to the authorities in the regional capital of Cherson it was around 3.29 meters in … Read more

Volunteers Aid Ukraine’s Flooded Region After Kakhovka Dam Collapse: Humanitarian & Environmental Disasters Highlight Urgent Needs

2023-06-12 21:01:45 It is noteworthy that the collapse of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam and the emptying of its reservoir on the Dnieper River exacerbated the suffering that the region has been suffering from for more than a year. Russian state television on Monday broadcast footage of what it said were volunteers of the “All-Russian Student … Read more

Dam Collapse in Ukraine: Flooding, Conflict, and Health Risks Across 600km2

2023-06-09 06:49:00 Three days after the dam collapse, the entire Seoul area was flooded Shelling of civilians fleeing floodwaters Zelensky: Russian anthrax to the Black Sea Dam site taken by drone, “no missile traces” Ukrainian soldiers and paramedics help a disabled resident get off a boat in an area affected by flooding caused by the … Read more

Russian Defense Minister: Ukrainian Counteroffensive Thwarted by Russian Army

2023-06-07 02:54:00 Original title: Russian Defense Minister: Ukraine has launched a counterattack in the past 3 days. The Russian army has thwarted all offensive attempts Reference news network reported on June 7According to a report by RIA Novosti on June 6, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu issued a statement stating that Ukraine launched its long-promised … Read more

“Russia’s Retaliatory Strikes on Ukraine: Latest Updates and Insights”

2023-05-05 05:37:00 Russia, Kremlin after ‘retaliation notice’ Second day airstrikes on Ukraine Russia’s claim that “the US is behind it” “A clear and blatant lie” Residents evacuate a metro station in Kiev’s capital, Kiev, as an airstrike warning was issued in Ukraine for the second day after Russian airstrikes on Tuesday (local time). Yonhap … Read more