The Ukrainian Army’s Strategic Move: Crossing the Dnieper River and Establishing a Bridgehead

2023-11-15 03:35:51 The Ukrainian army crossed the Dnieper River in rubber boats and landed in Kherson to establish a bridgehead. (Illustration) Picture: Screenshot of Twitter video Ukraine has recently made further progress in Kherson, taking the opportunity to cross the Dnieper River through heavy fog. The Russian army’s unmanned genes were unable to detect the … Read more

Ukrainian Special Forces Launch Successful Operation in Crimea to Counter Russian Army

2023-08-25 03:51:41 The Ukrainian special forces recently performed special operations, landed in Crimea, launched a counterattack against the Russian army, and successfully destroyed the Russian S-400 missile system. The X (former Twitter) account Dmitri posted today (25th) that Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry‚Äôs General Intelligence Agency, said that information about the … Read more

Ukrainian Army Captures Latest Russian Eleron T-16 Surveillance Drone: Exclusive Report

2023-08-10 06:41:00 The Ukrainian Army captured the latest Russian Eleron T-16 unmanned electronic surveillance aircraft. (Taken from the Ukrainian Border Service)[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive report]The Ukrainian military news network “Militarnyi” reported that the Ukrainian border guards shot down and seized the latest Russian “Aileron T-16” (Eleron T-16) for the first time in the Kharkov region … Read more

Why can’t the Ukrainian railway be blown up when Western military aid relies on it to transport the Russian army?Experts reveal 2 main reasons… | International | Newtalk News

Canada is working with the Polish and Norwegian armed forces to teach Ukrainian recruits how to use the Leopard tank. Figure: Taken from the Canadian Armed Forces (file photo) The Ukrainian-Russian War, which lasted for more than a year, has recently become more and more developed towards a war of attrition model of “fighting inventory”. … Read more

The EU aided Ukraine with a million shells, and the United States also increased Putin’s urgent use of these two countermeasures within 24 hours… | International | Newtalk News

According to a report by the mainland media “Tencent News” today (22), after the United States stated that the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine must be premised on the “full withdrawal” of Russian troops, in order to help Ukraine gain the initiative, the European Union decided to provide Ukraine with 1 million Shells, the … Read more

Admiral Kuznetsov, a giant aircraft carrier Russia’s Only One – Post Today Around the World

Admiral Kuznetsov, a giant aircraft carrier Russia’s only Date 08 June 2022 time 18:00 Russia’s only aircraft carrier crashes during another repair have to park in the garage for a long time reported on June 8, citing Russian news agency Tass, that Russia’s only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (Marshal Kuznetsov), launched in 1985, experienced … Read more

The moment Russia fires missiles at Ukraine in the middle of the Black Sea – Post Today Around the World

The moment Russia fires a missile that attacks Ukraine in the middle of the Black Sea Date 07 Jun 2022 time 18:45 Clip of Russian Navy firing Kalibr missiles at Ukraine from the Black Sea website Navy Recognition A video released on June 7 shows a Russian military buyan-class cruiser firing a Kalibr missile at … Read more

Finland is ready! Russia may cut gas soon – Post Today Around the World

Finland is ready! Russia may cut gas soon Date 20 May 2022 time 19:00 Finland prepares for Russian gas cuts After applying to NATO – refused to pay in rubles On May 20, Bloomberg reported that Finland is poised to be forced by major suppliers such as Russia to cut its natural gas exports, which … Read more