Ukraine’s Military Leader Secretly Negotiates Peace: Breaking News and Analysis

2023-12-05 11:54:53 Zelenskiy coup? The Pulitzer Prize winner broke the news: The Ukrainian military leader secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army! free timesThere is a division in Ukraine! The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army was revealed to have secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army. The U.S.-Ukrainian strategic differences caused the counterattack to fail. … Read more

Ukraine and Russia Electronic Warfare News: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-11-30 14:40:55 Ukraine and Russia compete for strongholds around Bahmut, electronic warfare becomes key advantage Yahoo NewsThe Russian Army launches winter operations|Russia-Ukraine War Podcast#194|Russia-Ukraine Daily News|TVBS News|20231130@TVBSNEWS01 TVBS NEWSCan be seen from space!Russia’s “Electric Warfare Waves” Cover Crimea’s Super Electromagnetic Defense Drones ETtoday News Cloud“Freedom to Talk News” footage exposed!Drones bomb Russian positions, T-90 tanks … Read more

Russia’s Bloody Offensive in Eastern Ukraine: Soldiers Executed, Significant Losses, and Heavy Casualties | Latest News Updates and Analysis

2023-10-26 21:06:00 2023/10/27 05:06 (updated at 10/27 07:24) The picture shows the Russian army discarding tank equipment last year. (Picture taken from (Central News Agency, Washington, 26th, comprehensive foreign news report) The White House said today that Russia will execute soldiers who disobey orders when it launches a bloody new offensive in eastern Ukraine, … Read more

Russia’s Brutal Offensive in Eastern Ukraine: White House Confirms Execution of Disobedient Soldiers

2023-10-26 21:56:00 The White House said today that Russia would execute soldiers who disobey orders as it launched a bloody new offensive in eastern Ukraine and that Russian armored vehicles and personnel had suffered “significant” losses. ▲The White House confirmed that the Russian army will execute soldiers who disobey orders. (Picture/reproduced from the Facebook page … Read more

Russian Mercenary Group Leader Yevgeny Prigoshin Confirmed Dead in Plane Crash: Latest Updates and News

2023-08-28 03:01:47 Russia has confirmed the death of Yevgeny Prigosh, head of the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary group. Russia’s Investigative Committee has confirmed that ten people on board, including Prigosh, were killed in the plane crash north of Moscow. According to the committee’s statement, Prigosh’s death was confirmed after forensic examination of the bodies … Read more

Russian Bomb Attacks in Ancient Cities: Shocking Incidents and Devastation

2023-08-20 01:14:00 Movie “Russia bombs the ancient city center of Uzbekistan!Seven dead and hundreds injured in blood spatter theater Chinatimes.comRussian bomb attack!7 dead and 129 injured as roof overturns at Wubei City Theater free timesRussian missile strikes the ancient city in northern Ukraine! The ancient city “Chernigov” was attacked at least 7 dead and 129 … Read more