Russia-Ukraine War Intensifies: Two Russian Commanders Killed and Western Countries Promise Increased Military Aid

2023-05-16 08:49:07 [Voice of Hope, May 16, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Tang Jie) The war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified. After Russia and Ukraine claimed to have shot down each other’s fighter jets, the Russian Ministry of Defense said today that two Russian commanders were killed in battles near Bakhmut, Ukraine. Zelensky tweeted … Read more

Why can’t the Ukrainian railway be blown up when Western military aid relies on it to transport the Russian army?Experts reveal 2 main reasons… | International | Newtalk News

Canada is working with the Polish and Norwegian armed forces to teach Ukrainian recruits how to use the Leopard tank. Figure: Taken from the Canadian Armed Forces (file photo) The Ukrainian-Russian War, which lasted for more than a year, has recently become more and more developed towards a war of attrition model of “fighting inventory”. … Read more

Aid to Ukraine: The fairy tale of generous Germany

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EU agrees to provide 7th package of military assistance to Ukraine | Europe

German Leopard 2 heavy battle tank. (Source: Getty Images/Defense News) According to, on February 2, the European Council agreed to provide Ukraine with the seventh package of military assistance worth 500 million euros and 45 million euros for the training of its Military Assistance Mission. European Union in this country (EUMAM Ukraine). “Today’s new … Read more

Considerable progress has been made in Ukraine’s counter-offensive, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations is stubborn: several small villages have been occupied recently | International | Newtalk News

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not going well. At a UN meeting, Russia rejected the claim that modern weapons supplied by the West could help Ukraine win the war as “fantasy”, insisting that Russian forces are destroying Ukraine’s old and new weapons. The U.S. has lashed out at Russia for “brazenly blaming other countries for … Read more