Ukraine’s Military Leader Secretly Negotiates Peace: Breaking News and Analysis

2023-12-05 11:54:53 Zelenskiy coup? The Pulitzer Prize winner broke the news: The Ukrainian military leader secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army! free timesThere is a division in Ukraine! The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army was revealed to have secretly negotiated peace with the Russian army. The U.S.-Ukrainian strategic differences caused the counterattack to fail. … Read more

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Killing of Black Sea Fleet Commander and Air Strikes Revealed | News Updates and Analysis

2023-09-26 12:51:12 Ukraine claims it killed Black Sea Fleet commander, Russia releases meeting video to refute free timesUkrainian air strike on Black Sea Fleet: We killed Russian commander attacks the Black Sea Fleet|Russia-Ukraine War Podcast#176|Russia-Ukraine Daily News|TVBS News|20230926 @TVBSNEWS01 TVBS NEWS2 missiles landed in Poland, killing 2 people!Investigation confirms: It is a Ukrainian “anti-aircraft … Read more

Ukraine Seeks US Grant for Long-Range Missiles: Free Times Ranks #1 for Breaking News

2023-09-23 21:30:00 Ukraine seeks one-year US grant for long-range missiles free timesUkrainian army counterattack stalemates, US nods to ATACMS United News NetworkZelensky’s dream comes true! It is rumored that Biden is willing to supply ATACMS missiles to the Ukrainian army on the front lines but complains about the lack of ammunition | TVBS News @TVBSNEWS01 … Read more

The Impact of Denmark’s F-16 Fighter Transfer to Ukraine: Russia’s Concerns and Ukraine’s Progress

2023-08-21 20:58:55 (CNN) Russia’s ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin, warned Monday that the Copenhagen announcement that it would supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters would “push Kiev into the abyss.” Barbin said, “Denmark’s actions seek to leave Ukraine with no other option but to continue its military confrontation with Russia, and such a situation pushes Ukraine … Read more

Ukrainian Army’s Victorious Campaign in the South: Latest Updates and Progress | Rank High in Google Searches

2023-08-12 22:04:03 The Ukrainian army continued to counterattack the south with good news. (Schematic diagram/Dazhi video) The Ukrainian military announced today that Kiev’s forces had made progress in the southern region, regaining some territory and a partial victory near the key village of Robotyne. “Some areas in the direction of Tavria (direction front) have been … Read more

Ukrainian Army Captures Latest Russian Eleron T-16 Surveillance Drone: Exclusive Report

2023-08-10 06:41:00 The Ukrainian Army captured the latest Russian Eleron T-16 unmanned electronic surveillance aircraft. (Taken from the Ukrainian Border Service)[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive report]The Ukrainian military news network “Militarnyi” reported that the Ukrainian border guards shot down and seized the latest Russian “Aileron T-16” (Eleron T-16) for the first time in the Kharkov region … Read more