Mass Quarrel and Vehicle Hit at Al-Kharj Gas Station: Al-Marsad Newspaper Circulates Shocking Video

2023-10-11 17:59:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented a mass quarrel and a vehicle driver hitting others yesterday inside a gas station in Al-Kharj. The video showed that two Hilux cars stopped and young men got out of them holding sticks in their hands. Just before the fight broke out, a third Hilux vehicle … Read more

Armed Group Opens Fire in Southern Suburbs of Beirut – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-15 13:32:25 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented that a group of armed people opened heavy gunfire in the Shiah area in the southern suburbs of Beirut. The video showed a group of people holding machine guns and firing bullets in the air, amid the residents’ fears. This came after a … Read more

Rheinmetall’s Weapon Deliveries to Ukraine Drive Surge in Orders: Latest Updates

2023-07-02 03:00:00 Original title: The German arms company has made a lot of money in the continuous delivery of weapons to Ukraine According to German media reports on June 30, data from German arms dealer Rheinmetall showed that orders received by the company in 2022 will increase by 18% year-on-year due to the continuous shipment … Read more

Japanese Government’s Secret Changes to Arms Export Policies: Revealing the Truth Behind the ‘Three Principles for Transfer of Defense Equipment’

2023-06-27 01:38:00 original title: Japanese media: The Japanese government is trying to secretly change the scope of arms exports In 2014, Japan revised the “Three Principles for Arms Exports” it had long adhered to since the end of World War II, and changed it to “Three Principles for the Transfer of Defense Equipment.” According to … Read more

Russian Defense Minister: Ukrainian Counteroffensive Thwarted by Russian Army

2023-06-07 02:54:00 Original title: Russian Defense Minister: Ukraine has launched a counterattack in the past 3 days. The Russian army has thwarted all offensive attempts Reference news network reported on June 7According to a report by RIA Novosti on June 6, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu issued a statement stating that Ukraine launched its long-promised … Read more

Drug Bust in Jeddah: Pakistani Nationals Caught with 4.4 Kilograms of Shabu

2023-06-02 19:30:32 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip published by the Public Security account documented the moment masked security men carrying automatic weapons raided an apartment in Jeddah, which residents took as a den for drug trafficking. The clip showed that members of the anti-narcotics department were rushing towards the suspects, seizing them, and upon searching … Read more

“How Xi Jinping’s Phone Call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Angered Putin’s Supporters and Sparked Cold Reception in Moscow”

2023-05-03 00:01:24 [Voice of Hope, May 2, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Yue Liu) Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping has angered Putin’s biggest supporter in recent days over phone calls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin had been attacked by Xi Jinping. betrayal. Xi called Zelensky last week … Read more