An American singer recites the Qur’an in an amazing way! • Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-11-05 22:09:29 Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media users circulated a video clip of American singer Jennifer Grout reading the Holy Qur’an in Arabic. The video showed the American singer reciting Surah “Al-Mulk” correctly. The clip sparked controversy on social media, and one tweeter commented: “It is unreasonable, her correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters such as … Read more

How to Permanently Get Rid of Liver Fat: Expert Nutritionist’s Advice

2023-11-06 03:10:51 Al-Marsad newspaper: Nutritionist Dr. Ayman Al-Shafi’i gave advice to those who want to get rid of liver fat permanently. Al-Shafi’i stressed, through his account on the Tik Tok application, the necessity of completely preventing the consumption of sugars, starches, and fruits during the diet period, so that the body can burn these fats … Read more

Viral Video: Heartwarming Interaction of Children during Al-Hilal vs Al-Ittihad Match

2023-09-02 15:49:32 A circulating video clip documented the moment of enthusiasm and the interaction of a number of children, during the Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad club match, yesterday, Friday. The video showed Al-Hilal children celebrating in front of their friend, a fan of Al-Ittihad Club, after Mitrovic’s goal, in the 65th minute, through a penalty kick, … Read more

Controversial Pakistani Method: Unclogging the Aorta – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-10 10:00:29 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a Pakistani man treating the aorta in his own way, which sparked widespread controversy. The video showed the Pakistani man, and next to him a young man raised his arm, while the Pakistani made a strange movement under the young man’s armpit, indicating that it is the … Read more

Thwarting Drug Smuggling: Al-Marsad Newspaper Reports the Arrest of Narcotic Khat Promoters

2023-07-08 16:32:45 Al-Marsad Newspaper – SPA: The General Directorate for Drug Control thwarted the promotion of 110 kilograms of the narcotic khat plant hidden inside the chassis of a truck, and arrested its promoters in the Riyadh region, who are residents of Yemeni nationality and two citizens, and they were arrested and regular measures were … Read more

The Best Way to Eat Grains for Optimal Health, Revealed by Carcinogens Research Specialist, Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-06-25 07:48:25 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A specialist in carcinogens research, Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi, revealed the best part of the grain to eat it in a healthy way. Al-Khudairi said, in a tweet to him on his Twitter account: To make the most of health benefit from love; It is best to take the white (hard) pulp … Read more

Albanian Prime Minister’s Controversial Kiss with Italian Prime Minister at European Summit

2023-06-01 18:31:33 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the Albanian Prime Minister kissing the Italian Prime Minister in a strange way in front of a number of European heads of state and officials. The video showed Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni walking alongside a number of European heads of … Read more