Blackpink Jennie, a ‘surprise’ love call to Jang Do-yeon… “Sister, when am I?”

2023-09-14 12:15:00 Money Today Reporter Eun Lee | 2023.09.14 21:15 Group Blackpink Jenny and comedian Jang Do-yeon./Photo = Jenny’s Instagram, Reporter Lee Dong-hoon photoguy@ Group Blackpink Jenny sent a surprise love call to comedian Jang Do-yeon. Jenny summoned Jang Do-yeon through her Instagram story on the 14th. Jenny uploaded a screenshot of her close model … Read more

She appeared in a tight pink dress, like a Barbie.. Watch how Ragheb Alama’s wife danced with her son (photos)

2023-08-15 08:48:45 Jewelry designer Jihan Alama, the wife of artist Ragheb Alama, published videos via the “Al-Story” feature on her Instagram account. Jihan appeared in a tight pink dress during her presence at her husband’s concert, which was recently held in Ehden. Jihan appeared dancing with her son Khaled. Jihan drew attention to her beauty … Read more

[영상] BLACKPINK’s New York concert sold out for two days in a row… Merchandise also sold like hot cakes.

2023-08-14 09:16:02 entertainments [영상] BLACKPINK’s New York concert sold out for two days in a row… Merchandise also sold like hot cakes. Provided by News 12023.08.14 18:16 (Seoul=News 1) Reporter Jung Yoon-kyung = When BLACKPINK appeared at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the eastern part of the United States turned pink. BLACKPINK held the world … Read more

A luxury McLaren car made of rose gold crashes…its price and owner’s position revealed • Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-04 08:15:00 EXCLUSIVE TRANSLATION: Showcase a video and photo collage of the luxury rose gold McLaren car crash to a TikTok influencer. According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, the famous Tik Toker, Gorvin Dial, the 24-year-old owner of the car, was driving his £90,000 supercar when it crashed into some pillars on Chapel … Read more

Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-ah, pink dating rumors.. Both sides “checking the facts”

2023-07-03 03:18:48 Reporter Kim Na-yeon | 2023.07.03 12:18 Singers and actors Yoona and Lee Jun-ho are taking a pose at the JTBC Saturday drama ‘King the Land’ production presentation held at the Shindorim Hotel in Ramada, Guro-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 15th. ‘King the Land’ is a drama depicting the story of saving … Read more

“Embarrassing and Hilarious Children’s Sayings: Stories from Real Parents”

2023-04-19 11:13:13 While discussing pink at the breakfast shop, a pair of younger brothers accidentally reveal their mother’s secret. (Schematic / shutterstock) Children’s naive children’s talk sometimes makes people wonder what to do. When a man went to a breakfast shop recently, he heard a pair of sisters and brothers discussing what is pink. Unexpectedly, … Read more