Semi-final Morocco VS France and “historical fate” “Even if either wins”, Koji Kato’s concern: J-CAST TV watch[Full text]

Soccer World Cup Qatar tournament semi-finals. “Sukkiri” on the 14th (December 2022) talked about the strength of Morocco, the first African team to advance so far. Announcer Keisuke Mori “What is there?” What will happen if we win or lose? How is the excitement in the area? North Africa, country of 36 million people. The … Read more

Health Network” Supplementing Group B also needs to prescribe the right medicine. Nutritionist: I want to refresh myself and eat “these” – LOHAS Diet – Free Health Network

If you want to boost your energy, you can eat more nuts and supplement vitamins related to energy metabolism, such as B1, B2, B3, etc. (Picture taken from freepik) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]I often hear the phrase “eating group B can boost the spirit”, but what kind of B can boost the spirit? Dietitian Peng Yishan … Read more

“You have to study!” Koji Kato said in TKO Kimoto’s “investment trouble” report. What kind of financial literacy is required now? | HuffPost NEWS

Mr. Takehiro Kimoto of the comedy duo “TKO” announced his retirement from his office after it was reported that he was in the middle of investment troubles. The full extent of the trouble has not been clarified, but it is said that he approached entertainers with whom he was close to invest.reported。 In response to … Read more

A series of “elementary school kidnapping notice emails” The “common points” and “different expressions”: J-CAST TV watch[full text display]

News that Erina Iwata introduced, “On May 29 (2022), a series of kidnapping and murder notice emails targeting elementary school girls were sent nationwide.” According to a “clean” survey broadcast on June 2, threatening emails were sent to 23 local governments in 18 prefectures. From the program site “Refreshing” pointed out by an expert In … Read more

Mispayment 46.3 million yen Naze of “I don’t have it in my hands anymore” Koji Kato “I wish I could return it”: J-CAST TV Watch[Full text display]

On the 16th (May 2022), a lawyer representing a man held a press conference on the problem that 46.3 million was mistakenly transferred to one man (24) in Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Open. Reporter Makoto Otake reported on the 17th “Refreshing”. According to the lawyer, “(the man) does not currently have the money. The reality … Read more

No annual vaccination thanks to newly discovered antibodies? – healing practice

Influenza: Universal vaccine in sight? In contrast to the normal cold (flu-like infection), the flu is a serious illness that can also take a serious course and even be fatal. Therefore, people from risk groups in particular are recommended to be vaccinated against influenza viruses. The latest results give reason to hope that no annual … Read more