Semi-final Morocco VS France and “historical fate” “Even if either wins”, Koji Kato’s concern: J-CAST TV watch[Full text]

Soccer World Cup Qatar tournament semi-finals. “Sukkiri” on the 14th (December 2022) talked about the strength of Morocco, the first African team to advance so far.

Announcer Keisuke Mori “What is there?”

  • What will happen if we win or lose?

  • What will happen if we win or lose?

How is the excitement in the area?

North Africa, country of 36 million people. The national team defeated Belgium, who placed 3rd in the previous tournament, in the group stage, and also beat Spain and Portugal in the final tournament. Hikaru Iwama, a local resident, said, “The locals are also very surprised. The large screen in Fna Square in the center of Marrakech is crowded with people, and it feels like everyone is sharing this joy.” .

Toru Rokugawa, former editor-in-chief of a soccer magazine, said, “Even though Africa is close to Europe, it has become borderless since childhood. There are many players who have played for big clubs in Europe since they were juniors.” Point out what is nearby.

Former Japan national team member Daisuke Matsui said, “I never imagined that I would win this much. While understanding the solid tactics of Europe, I also have great individual physical ability.”

France in the semi-finals. From 1912 to 1956 Morocco was a protectorate, a de facto colony. “There is a historical connection. Mr. Matsui, who has experience playing in France, said, “It might be a little dangerous if one of us wins on the Champs-Élysées.”

Moderator Koji Kato: “No matter who wins, it will be like that.”

Matsui: “I think France will win, but there is no doubt that it will be a good match.”

The game will start at 4:00 on the morning of the 15th in Japan time.

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