U.S. Authorities Add Three Chinese Companies to Trade Sanctions Blacklist for Forced Labor: Latest News on Xinjiang Uyghurs

2023-09-26 20:20:03 U.S. authorities added more Chinese companies to the trade sanctions blacklist on Tuesday (26th), banning their products from being exported to the United States. The United States is trying to remove forced labor from supply chains, especially products involving ethnic minorities such as Xinjiang Uyghurs. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that … Read more

Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Instructions: Advancing Chinese-Style Modernization in Xinjiang

2023-07-13 10:58:29 The Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region held a meeting Persevere in studying and implementing the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Xinjiang’s important speech Keep in mind the entrustment, be grateful, forge ahead and work hard to write a chapter of Chinese-style … Read more

The Soap Opera of “Where is Zhou Qi Going?” and the Latest Scandals: Beijing Enterprises, Shanghai, Beijing Shougang, and More

2023-07-12 06:21:00 From Beijing Enterprises, Shanghai to Beijing Shougang, there have been “scandals” between Zhou Qi and many clubs this summer. Rumors are also flying around keywords such as arbitration, transactions, and signing fees. The direction of various news is also to the left for a while, and for a while to the right. When … Read more

“China’s Live Ballistic Missile Training: Latest News and Analysis by TNN World”

2023-04-18 23:04:25 China conducts live ballistic missile training in continuous live-fire exercises After completing the maneuvers around the island of Taiwan But did not specify the date, time and place. Reuters named the location as Xinjiang, while China also announced both a no-fly and a no-fly zone near the island of Taiwan. Update news highlights … Read more

Summary: For the first time in the history of the Zhejiang team, Xinjiang was the best gift for fans in the regular season_Season_Liaoning Team_Playoffs

Original title: Summary: The Zhejiang team won the regular season for the first time in the history of Xinjiang and Xinjiang gave fans the best gift After 177 days and three stages, the 2022-23 CBA regular season came to an end. From the closed competition area to the resumption of home and away games, the … Read more