After dating, he admitted to cheating… He was arrogant and said, “Think we will break up in a showdown?” Zhenggong’s reaction made her dumbfounded | Life | CTWANT

(Schematic diagram / flipped from pexels) “That’s right, I’m a mistress. If you want to scold me, just scold me!” A female netizen revealed that she had previously met a jazz drum teacher through a dating app. The other party said she was single at the time, and she foolishly believed it. Unexpectedly, after the … Read more

Lu women’s basketball national player explodes as a junior… “Naked Video” hooked up the team to cheat on Zheng Gong and shouted 3 things | International | CTWANT

Lu women’s basketball national player exploded as a junior. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Recently, there have been frequent scandals in the mainland sports circle. There have been some sex scandals in the men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s football, and women’s football departments, which can be said to shatter the three views of netizens. Zhang … Read more

The stewardess of Xiaosan worshiped the temple of Yin and “cursed the main palace and broke her leg” and forgot to fulfill her wish and ended up crying | Entertainment | CTWANT

A flight attendant went to the Yin Temple to pray and failed to fulfill her wish, and ended up in a terrible end. (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay) You must fulfill your vows, otherwise you may be punished. There was a flight attendant who inadvertently intervened in other people’s feelings, but she didn’t want … Read more

Little three and little four are fighting in the street! My grandfather came forward in his 70s: I have no choice but to be romantic all my life- Society- Liberty Times Newsletter

A 75-year-old man surnamed Li caused a big fight on the street with his second wife and girlfriend because of an affair. (Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan) Related news links:Little three and little four are jealous of the 70-year-old man who pulls his hair and fights on the street, and the police spray pepper water … Read more

The 32-year-old “I Am a Singer” actress has been single for 1 year, and she is suspected of becoming a junior. She and the 25-year-old fresh meat internet celebrity have an affair with their travel photos | Entertainment | CTWANT

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The first wife and daughter “tear up the mistress” on the street, the mother pulls skirts, the son kicks the buttocks… The man protects the mistress “even beats his wife and daughter” | International | CTWANT

Yuan’s wife took her daughter to fight with mistress on the road, her husband protected mistress, and they all got into a ball. (Picture/Flip Weibo) The housework has taken to the streets, embarrassing the whole family! In Suzhou, Anhui, mainland China, on the eve of the just-concluded Western Valentine’s Day, a street melee between the … Read more