Friday 101 British Championship Birmingham VS Reading_League_Away_Home

Original title: Friday 101 British Championship Birmingham VS Reading Friday 101 Championship Birmingham VS Reading Competition time: 2022-12-17 04:00 Birmingham drew 0-0 with Blackpool in their last away game in the league. Throughout the game, the two teams played back and forth. I failed to score any goals, and in the end the two sides … Read more

Saboteurs prepared for life – Picture of the Day – Kommersant

The State Duma on Wednesday unanimously approved in the first reading a package of bills aimed at combating saboteurs. Amendments to the Criminal (CC) and Criminal Procedure (CPC) codes increase liability for sabotage and related crimes up to life imprisonment. The second project provides for blocking the accounts of persons involved in the financing of … Read more

A great success.. The Beirut Book Fair concluded 9 days of reading, Beirut time

The Beirut International Arab Book Fair concluded its sixty-fourth edition today, amid an uninterrupted rush of visitors from all Lebanese regions to buy books and attend seminars that reflect the cultural diversity of Beirut. different regions. The exhibition, which lasted nine days (from December 3 to December 11) and carried the slogan “I read in … Read more

Development of an AI model for automatic diagnosis of appendicitis with CT image reading… “89.4% diagnostic accuracy”

An artificial intelligence (AI) model that automatically diagnoses appendicitis by analyzing computed tomography (CT) images has been developed by domestic medical staff. The AI ​​model’s accuracy in diagnosing appendicitis was found to be close to 90%. Acute appendicitis has various clinical features, and it is sometimes misdiagnosed as another digestive disease because an abnormal appendix … Read more

Government data indicate that residential land deals have decreased by 70%.. Realtors reveal the reason behind the confusion in reading real estate price variables in Riyadh-video

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Al-Arabiya TV report sheds light on the controversy over real estate prices in Riyadh, while government data indicates that residential land deals have decreased by 70% since the beginning of 2022. The report indicated: “The controversy over the drop in real estate prices in Riyadh has returned, after a wide circulation on … Read more

Reading in Hirm – Thomas Hofer: A Mattersburger and his “casual literature”

This Sunday, so-called literature at the pond will take place in Hirm. Thomas Hofer will present his texts for the first time. He was born in 1978 and grew up in Walbersdorf for the first twenty years of his life. He studied German, history and Celtic studies in Vienna. Due to the corona pandemic, he … Read more