Karuvarakund: Environmental Issues and Narcotic Drug Problems in the Hilly Region

2023-12-17 20:22:00
Karuvarakund: Karuvarakundil, a hilly area, is also an environmental issue. Widespread use and marketing of narcotic drugs across countries Complaint that the police is inactive. Narcotic addiction among some youth and teenagers in the region The meeting has increased.

Its marketing is also carried out by such groups. Apart from alcohol and cannabis, now there is a killer like MDMA. It is marketed by Maya Medicines. In the name of consumption and marketing of intoxicating liquor, various types of There have also been incidents in the region.

In the mysterious car crash that led to the youth’s suicide The stabbing incident happened recently. None of these things have made the police’s investigation fruitful. It is the complaint of the locals. School Premises Centrally Bus Stand, Ulprade The narcotics are grown in the river banks of Shangal. What happens is the use and the use.

Even from far away people come to these places to drink. It is also common to use drugs. Liquor bottles and drug-injecting salt from the riverbanks Finding debris such as syringes and other debris It is

Bringing foreign liquor from other places to those who need it Locals say that there are more teams that deliver to Rayunna place. Runu. There are complaints that police patrolling at night is not effective. . Police to control drug use and sale, A Excise authorities should adopt strong measures. The locals say.

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