2nd generation AirPods Pro firmware gets new update

2023-12-05 19:55:00

In addition to the release of Release Candidates of its systems, Apple today released a new firmware update for the Second generation AirPods Pro, both with Lightning and USB-C ports. The new version is 6B34; the old one was 6B32.

Although it hasn’t updated yet your support page with the update release notes, the update certainly only includes bug fixes and other improvements.

As we know, there is no direct way to manually update the firmware of Apple headphones, so just use them normally and the update will be done automatically the moment they are connected to the iPhone or iPad.

To check the version installed on your headphones, you need to connect them to your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings and tap on the AirPods area that is highlighted at the beginning of the screen, below your Apple ID information — or by going to Settings » General » About » AirPods.

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