3 scenarios decide Hossam Ashour’s destination after his crisis with Al-Ahly

Things reached a dead end between Al-Ahly midfielder Hussam Ashour and the Red Castle administration, especially after the video the player posted on his page via the social networking site “Instagram” and in which he accused Nadia’s administration of causing the disruption of his retirement match, stressing that he is the only offender of the controversy of the Chancellor Turk Al-Sheikh Chairman of the Entertainment Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club.

Al-Ahly Club punished Hossam Ashour with fining him financially for speaking in the media without prior permission, as well as the fire decision issued by the Board of Directors in a statement Tuesday, in which he decided to back away from granting Hossam Ashour some exceptions.

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Hossam Ashour became confused after all these developments in his crisis with Al-Ahly.

Super Koura highlights 3 scenarios awaiting the player in the following lines.

Hosam Ashour, captain of Al Ahly Club, is considering retracting his decision to retire and return again to the stadiums, especially after receiving a tempting Saudi offer during the past days, unlike the local offers in his pocket, most notably from the Tigris and Smouha Valley and the Alexandrian Union, and Ashour’s thinking came back to the green rectangle and retract his retirement decision after Al-Ahly club board approved what was stated in the ball planning committee’s note to cancel its previous recommendations by granting many exceptions to player Hossam Ashour, who informed the director of the ball device in writing of his retirement and thanked him for the periods he spent with his colleagues in the service of the club, and wishes him all the best in his next step , After his recent attack on the club.

Hossam Ashour’s relationship with Al-Ahly was strained during the past days after the player came out in a video on his “Instagram” page and accused the club of disrupting his retirement festival, which sparked the anger of everyone in Al-Ahly, especially as red castle officials confirmed that they were preparing for the player’s retirement festival, but the circumstances of his grandson’s illness Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the head of Al-Ahly, was the one that made the red administration postpone announcing the plan to leave the retirement plan for only a few hours, but the latter went out to attack the National Assembly and directed arrows to him and accused them of disrupting his retirement festival..

Certainly, Hussam Ashour will not have any role with the team if the activity that was currently suspended due to Corona’s “pandemic” is resumed, so Al-Ahly drops the curtain on Ashour’s journey.


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