30 Baht, One ID Card: Treatment Everywhere – Phase 2 Expansion Revealed – Preventing Duplicate Services

2024-02-23 08:39:00

Revealing the results of the operation, 30 baht, one ID card, treatment everywhere, found 3% of people admitted for treatment at hospitals across the border, able to prevent receiving services in multiple places in 1 day for the same disease (Shopping Around) before moving to Phase 2, another 8 provinces starting to have This July

  • 30 baht, one ID card, treatment everywhere, within 1 of 4 provinces, 3% of people admitted for treatment in hospitals across the provinces can be prevented from receiving multiple services in 1 day for the same disease (Shopping Around)
  • Phase 2: One ID card to be used everywhere, expanding to another 8 provinces, starting in March. Ministry of Public Health hospitals link health information at the hospital center level. Complete general hospital
  • Private service units in 8 provinces. One ID card for treatment everywhere. Already applied to participate: 451 locations, including pharmacies, dental clinics

“People flock to receive services in many large hospitals” and “the Shopping Around or receiving duplicate services within the same day” is something that must be given great importance.

in driving policy”30 baht, one ID card, treatment everywhere” From the pilot phase 1 at the beginning of January 2024 in 4 provinces: Phrae, Phetchaburi, Roi Et and Narathiwat.

Treat cross-zone inflows Not a very big hospital

Most recently Dr.Chonnan Srikaew Minister of Public Health and Chairman of the National Health Security CommitteeNHSO Board) said that from what was reported there were transnational services in the 4 provinces that piloted the 30 baht, one ID card for treatment everywhere, overall about 3-4%, and when looking deeper into this group, it was found that the majority It is a group that does not have domicile in that area. but moved to work in that area which is already in line with the spirit of the policy

People have responded greatly because it increases the convenience of receiving services close to home. At the same time, it reduces the workload of medical personnel. Especially document work From the linkage to the personal electronic health history information system (PHR)

30 baht, 4 provinces, paid 71 million baht

The role of NHSO There is a new health service innovation unit such as a dental clinic. Medical clinics, pharmacies, etc. joining in to provide services increased to 541 locations, exceeding the target of 478 locations.

Helping people have primary care centers closer to home, closer to their hearts. Including linking data to all systems for disbursement in every service unit. Using the systemArtificial intelligence (AI) In checking before paying to the service unit and using the identification system to confirm rights after service ends

As a result, more than 70% of service units in the 4 pilot provinces received service fees from NHSO within 3 days, according to the set target. and prevent duplication of data well According to data from 7 Jan. – 17 Feb. 2024, NHSO has paid service fees to service units up to 71,556,068 baht.

Extract the case of Shopping Around

In addition, a process monitoring system has been developed. To prevent receiving duplicate services within the same day. Or as many people call it Shopping Around, as well as collaborating with the Provincial Public Health Office (Provincial Public Health Office) and the District Public Health Office (SSO.) in providing a mechanism for regulating access to services and quality standards to be more efficient as well

Phase 1 of the operation in 4 provinces has found cases of overlapping service visits within the same day. It was found that service units sent billings for services to patients with the same ID number on the same day, which the SSO’s system G. will report this information.

However, if it is 1 time that it is detected NHSO will have to pay service fees to service agencies. Because it may be possible that a patient goes to the first service unit and does not get better, then goes to the second one, but the system will follow up on the reimbursement for that patient’s services. If it is found that this behavior is repeated 3-4 times, there is probably some abnormality. Will coordinate with the health zone, Provincial Public Health Office, Provincial Public Health Office in the area. to visit the home of that patient

One ID card for 8 provinces, phase 2

Public Health Hospital connects complete health history

for moving forwardOne ID card to protect you everywhere.Continuing in Phase 2, another 8 provinces include Phetchabun, Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Sa Kaeo, Nong Bua Lamphu, Nakhon Ratchasima, Amnat Charoen and Phang Nga, which are set to kick off in March 2024.

In terms of linking personal electronic health records (PHR), hospitals under the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Both hospital centers general hospital A total of 96 community hospitals in 8 provinces are fully operational.

Each province has made great progress in many areas, such as:

  • Phang Nga, 52% of people have verified their identity,
  • Nakhon Ratchasima: 95% of medical personnel verified their identities, providing telemedicine services up to 11,517 times.
  • Sa Kaeo issues a maximum of 29,594 digital medical certificates.
  • Nong Bua Lamphu offers up to 1,489 online appointments and medicine delivery services. and medical supplies through Health Rider, all 6 hospitals

“8 provinces are piloting 30 baht, one ID card, treatment everywhere, in Phase 2, we are now very ready for action. But he has urged to speed up the preparation of information to disseminate to the people in each province to understand about receiving services through the 30 baht treatment everywhere project. with one ID card and can inquire about details quickly and easily Including issuing public service units to verify Health ID identity to facilitate access to treatment,” Dr. Chonnan said.

451 private service agencies have participated.

On February 21, 2024 NHSO BoardAgreed to expand the driving area “Expanding the area drives the government policy of 30 baht to protect everywhere. with a single ID card in Phase 2” and the draft announcement Subject: Operation and management of the National Health Insurance Fund and receiving expenses for public health services according to the policy of 30 baht for treatment everywhere with one ID card

“30 baht, one ID card to protect you everywhere” Shopping Around, a problem that cannot be passed.

Dr. Jadej Thamthatcharee, Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO) said that the overall information isInnovation Service UnitNew Way has already applied to provide services in 8 provinces, totaling 451 locations, consisting of:

  • 281 drug stores
  • 86 nursing clinics
  • 50 dentists
  • 12 physical therapy locations
  • 8 medical clinics
  • 5 medical technology clinics
  • and 4 traditional Thai medicine clinics, etc.

When separating data by province It was found that each province has a new normal innovation service unit that includes additional services as follows.

1.Phetchabun 55 places

2. Nakhon Sawan 73 places

3. Singburi 13 places

4.Sa Kaeo 35 places

5.Nong Bua Lamphu 35 places

6. Nakhon Ratchasima 205 places

7. Amnat Charoen 19 places

and 8. Phang Nga 16 locations

Proofreading….Suree Silawong

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