3,000 Russian instructors on their way to train the military

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According to security sources, the CAR has officially requested 3,000 additional Russian military instructors to support the Central African Armed Forces in the total eradication of recurring threats from armed groups.

According to these same sources, several reasons justify this request by the Central African authorities to the Russian government.

The need to deploy additional Russian instructors is due to a number of reasons. Cases of invasion by foreign mercenaries in the Central African Republic, marked by attacks on the towns of Kembe, Dimbi and Ouadda-Djallé have become more frequent.

According to information from Central African security sources, the former president and leader of the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC), François Bozizé, is recruiting mercenaries from neighboring countries, particularly Chad and Sudan, to destabilize the CAR.

The Central African authorities have estimated that on the eve of the municipal elections scheduled for the end of this year in the country, it is necessary to ensure the total security of the unfolding of the process for the free expression of the will of the citizens during the polls. At the same time, scattered rebel groups from the former CPC coalition still operate in a number of areas of the CAR.

According to the analyzes of the situation on the ground, the strength of the available forces of the FACA, the Rwandan forces and the contingents of the blue helmets MINUSCA is not sufficient to ensure the complete security of the Central African Republic, a country of 623,000 square km. during the preparation and conduct of municipal elections.

Despite the partial lifting of the UN arms embargo on the Central African Republic, it is not possible to rapidly increase the quality component of FACA weapons, both for technical and financial reasons, and by lack of trained staff. This is why this request is made to the Russian government for an additional deployment.

Russian military instructors have proven themselves both in the training of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) and in the context of direct participation in hostilities in the Central African Republic. They already have this necessary combat experience in the conditions that the Central African Republic has faced since the advent of the CPC rebellion.

This is why Central Africans appreciate the actions of Russian instructors in the process of restoring peace in the Central African Republic. They are grateful for the role played by Russia alongside the FACA to ensure the security of their country against the incursion of mercenaries from neighboring countries.

Source : Ndjoni-Sango

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