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4 foundations for a successful marital relationship – Heba Kotb explains it

by archyde

03:28 PM

Monday 26 September 2022


Dr. Heba Kotb, a consultant on sexual health and marital relations, said that the success of the sexual relationship between spouses depends on some foundations that must be agreed upon from the beginning, and each party should make an effort to learn those foundations that help in the success of married life.

Qutb explained that these basics depend on the agreement between the spouses, in order to enjoy a healthy sexual life, which is determined as follows:

sexual cycle

Knowing the sexual cycle is the basis for enjoying a relationship, which consists of 4 stages, including sensory stimulation, sexual arousal, sexual performance, and post-gratification.

Both men and women go through the four stages, but the effect is different, so the two parties need to know the order of the stages and how to deal and enjoy the stage that begins with sexual arousal.

Physiological benefits

The sexual health consultant said that the marital relationship has many physiological and psychological benefits for both men and women, as a successful relationship helps in the secretion of some hormones that stimulate a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, which is reflected on both parties, noting that knowing these benefits encourages couples to practice the relationship successfully.

Share thoughts and feelings

Each person’s vision about intimacy varies as a result of many cultural and social factors, and some false beliefs by either party may cause the marital relationship to fail, so it is necessary to talk about those thoughts and feelings with the other party to reach the appropriate form and patients for them.

sexual culture

As a result of many beliefs, some neglect many aspects of the marital relationship, so the two parties must learn and sexual education in order to enjoy the relationship and the enjoyment of the other party, which in turn affects the marital life and the degree of understanding between them, and find appropriate ways to solve problems.

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