4,358 checks and 33 arrests in the last three days 2024-04-18 04:36:34

In the last three days (April 12-14, 2024), organized soft policing operations were implemented throughout the territory, in neighborhoods, squares and places where young people gather, where incidents of delinquency have occurred.

In this context, -4,358- minors were checked, -80- were brought in and -33- were arrested as follows:

  • -5- for thefts – break-ins,
  • -5- for physical injuries,
  • -3- for drugs,
  • -17- for violations of the Code of Civil Procedure,
  • -1- for weapons and
  • -2- for other crimes.

At the same time, a total of -121- violations were confirmed, including -100- for C.O.K., while quantities of cannabis were confiscated.

The Greek Police will continue the actions to deal with the violence of minors, so that no child feels unprotected, vulnerable and alone and no parent worries about their child when he is outside the home.

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