45% of Venezuelan families have at least one member who emigrated

Photo: Consultants 21

A poll de Consultores 21 revealed that 45% of Venezuelan families have at least one of their members abroad.

“On average 1.8 members of each of these families live outside of Venezuela,” the study says.

87% of the relatives who have emigrated went to South American countries, the survey indicates.

The main recipient of these Venezuelans is Colombia (31%). It is followed by Chile (20%), Peru (14%), Ecuador (9%), Brazil (7%) and Argentina (6%).

Photo: Consultants 21

Consultant Survey 21

In addition, the survey reflected that 28% of those consulted expressed the desire to emigrate. Of them, 9% will do so this year, while 19% have no date.

Another 71% said they want to stay in Venezuela and 1% did not answer.

Venezuelans who intend to emigrate are mainly opponents between 25 and 44 years of age, according to the firm.

Photo: Consultants 21

Among the destinations to which they wish to emigrate are Chile (17%), Colombia (16%), the United States (10%), Ecuador and Peru (8% each), Argentina (7%), Spain and Brazil (6 % each).

Photo: Consultants 21


According to the consultation, in the last three years there has been a sustained increase in the monthly frequency of remittances. “This shows not only the normalization of their relatives abroad, but also the dependence of families on the help of migrants,” says Consultores 21.

On average, the amount of remittances received by families in July was 59 dollars. But the figure varies by region. In the capital region, an average of 114 dollars in remittances per family nucleus. In Guayana, the average remittances received per family was 92 dollars, 79 dollars in the central region, 61 dollars in the east, 59 dollars in the plains, 58 dollars in the central west, 57 dollars in the Andes and 38 dollars in the state Zulia.


According to the calculations of Consultores 21, until June 2022 between 15% and 20% of Venezuelans left the country in the context of the socioeconomic crisis unleashed in the last decade, which represents a net figure that is between 5,062,433 and 6,540,195 people.

Photo: Consultants 21

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