45 points for the leader

Like every summer, the Drew League animates Los Angeles and some NBA players take advantage of the opportunity to show off and release some perfs. Today, it’s Isaiah Thomas’ turn to treat.

Definitely, since LeBron James played a Drew League game, the LA summer league has taken on a good dose of hype. It is necessary to believe that the presence of the King made some of his peers want to follow the movement. We had already seen Trae Young and John Collins in action a few days ago, Paul George had also announced his desire to participate in the Drew League at some point during the summer and this time it was Isaiah Thomas who was in uniform. The miniature leader had joined the ranks of the Ghosts last night and he was able to show his full palette. Catch and shoot, big drives, fadeaway on one leg in midrange, IT put on a show and ended up with a not bad stats sheet at all: 45 points (including 7 long shots), 5 assists and 2 rebounds.

Obviously it’s “only” Drew League, obviously the refs were in Bermuda shorts and one of the IT teammates had baldness and a beer belly, but here’s a performance that couldn’t have come at a better time. for the former All-Star. While a lot of NBAers come to play in the Drew League to keep in shape or for the sake of the event, it’s also a great way to create buzz and show off in the eyes of GMs. First signed by the Lakers then the Mavs to fill in the many absences due to COVID, IT then finished the 2021-22 season on the Charlotte side. In North Carolina, the leader had played 17 games off the bench for an average of 8.3 points in 13 minutes (43% shooting, 40% from distance). Still without a contract and awaiting the call of a team, Thomas therefore seeks to show himself in his best light, just to prove that he can always contribute to an NBA roster. A few days ago, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the Hornets enjoyed IT’s move and were considering offering him a new contract. It remains to be seen if the leader is at the top of the list of prios of Mitch Kupchak, the General Manager, while a return of Kemba Walker has also been mentioned.

Still a free agent, Isaiah Thomas is enjoying the Drew League. Will the beautiful summer performances of the former Celtic open the door to an NBA franchise for him?

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