46 points at 17/32, the Boston boss responded

To win Game 6 in Wisconsin, Boston needed a game full of its leaders. Message received five out of five by Jayson Tatum. The All-Star winger is pulling off a masterclass at the best of times and he has ravaged the Bucks defense.

Let’s be honest, we were a little scared for Boston before attacking this game. We felt that the loss of Game 5 at home had hurt the heads a lot and we now had to go and win on the ground of the defending champion to stay alive. No small feat. To hope to dream, the Celtics needed to bring together the ingredients that have made their strength so far: an unbreathable defense, a supporting cast that goes the distance and a Jayson Tatum who plays like an MVP. Bingo! With 46 points, 9 rebounds at 17/32 shooting and 7/15 from afar, the Jay Brother was insane tonight. If Marcus Smart releases the first banderillas from the parking lot, Jayson is no less hot since Carrefour. He definitely takes the lead in the second quarter to give the Celts some air and we already feel that we can attend a great evening for the winger. If Jaylen Brown takes the boss’s costume for a while on the return from the break, it is indeed Tatum who rejects the Bucks’ first comeback attempts. Shoot out of balance, shots from afar with or without a defender stuck to him, and one, we say to ourselves that Kobe Bryant is wearing the green jersey magnificently tonight. And money time, are we talking about his money time?

Let’s put some context into this beautiful story. Boston has a solid lead but Milwaukee fights back and comes back to four short lengths. You’ve just had a comeback in the face and here’s a new scenario that presents itself. Who wouldn’t tremble? Not Jayson Tatum. With shots crazier than each other, the winger carries all of Massachusetts on his shoulders. He’s just in the zone. 16 points in the last act, 16 of his team’s last 24 points managed solo. A BOSS. He lasts long enough for the Boston defense to tighten the screw and definitively close the door to a comeback from the locals. You risked elimination, your back to the wall and you slam a masterclass like this to save yours? Respect. Huge match, huge player and if the men of Beantown pass on Sunday evening, we will have to send a big thank you to number 0. We end with a small historical note because Jayson Tatum has also integrated the books of his franchise by joining Sam Jones, the only other player in the history of the Celtics having made several games with more than 45 points in the Playoffs. Not disgusting as a company.

Jayson Tatum was just incredible during this Game 6 and Boston can still believe in qualifying. If he keeps the same level this Sunday, clover worshipers have a real chance of seeing the last four of the Playoffs.

Source texte : StatMuse

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