“5 Breeds of Dogs a UK Veterinarian Won’t Buy: Expert Insights and Discussions”

2023-05-29 02:29:02

A female veterinarian in the UK shared the reasons why she would not buy 5 breeds of dogs. (Schematic / PIXABAY)

Today’s society advocates adoption instead of purchase, but there are still many people who want to raise breed dogs. A British female veterinarian recently shared the reasons why she would not buy 5 types of dogs. After the film was exposed, it caused heated discussions.

according to“Daily Mail”According to the report, a female veterinarian said on TikTok that as a veterinarian, there are 5 kinds of dogs that she would never own. Just finish it.”

She noted that the number one spot goes to German shepherds, which are often bred to be guard dogs, “but they’re not made to guard, they’re naturally suspicious and anxious, and if they have a bad experience, they never forget it.” , they are very powerful and challenging, so not for me.”

Second, any flat-faced breed. The female veterinarian said that these are absolutely wonderful puppies, but they should not suffer, “I would never contribute to this pain by deliberately owning.” The third is the border collie. Both have mental health issues because they require work.

The fourth is the Shar-Pei. The female veterinarian said bluntly, “Shar-Pei is not attractive to her. On the other hand, Shar-Pei has many health problems and behavioral problems. Pain and discomfort can make them grumpy.” Five were St. Bernards, or any large dog with a protruding jaw, and the female veterinarian admitted, “Honestly, I just can’t stand the drooling.”

After the video was exposed, it caused positive and negative discussions. Everyone commented “Growing up with a German Shepherd, there was never any problem”, “The dog used to drool on the ceiling”, “It is true that the dog could not walk in the end”, “Not every flat All face breeds suffer, and some live long and happy lives.”

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