5 creative tips for a more fun children’s room

2023-10-12 09:30:54

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Creating a children’s room that is both fun and organized seems like an impossible task. But with a few tips in hand, many simple solutions can breathe new life into the room and create plenty of space for little ones’ imagination!

Therefore, we have put together 5 creative tips to make a children’s room more fun.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpapers are great for completely changing the look of a room without breaking the bank. And the change really is remarkable! Nowadays, we find countless varieties on the market, one more creative than the other, but it’s worth researching options with texture or 3D to make the children’s room even more fun.

In addition to being beautiful, the wallpaper is also easy to maintain: simply clean it with a duster or vacuum cleaner or, for a deeper clean, a soft cloth with water and detergent is enough. Although it can be applied by anyone, we recommend that you look for a professional for a perfect result!

If you just want to add a few fun spots to your room, the sticker is ideal. Quick and easy to apply, it is super versatile and creates very happy compositions! But be careful: this alternative generally does not have high durability.

2. Creative lamps

Indirect lighting is the best option for children’s rooms. In addition to ensuring a feeling of comfort, it can also be placed in different parts of the room. And how about using lamps as part of the room’s composition?

Butterflies, clouds, birds, stars… There are many format options! The composition of the room is even richer with themed ceiling lamps and lampshades with non-traditional lamp colors, stimulating creativity and creating a unique corner.

And be careful: the ideal is to always use lights with temperatures of 2700K or 3000K in the children’s bedroom, thus guaranteeing a warm, yellow light for a relaxing night’s sleep.

3. Decorative toys

Here’s a great tip for a children’s room: include their favorite toys in the decor. They can be arranged in niches on the bookshelf or given a special place on the wall, via a shelf. This solution is also great for keeping toys as souvenirs as the years go by.

In addition to toys, a creative idea is to frame football shirts, sneakers and other objects to display on the walls! This personalized decoration makes the room even more cozy and enjoyable for children, oozing personality. The result is beautiful and is a good option for replacing toys with less childish objects during the growth phase.

4. Chalkboard wall

Scratched walls never again! That is, only what we allow. Setting aside a corner in the room for children to explore their creativity is essential for their development, and to help them do this in an organized and pleasant way, there is nothing better than a “blackboard wall”, so write this idea down. Its execution is very simple and easy to do, whether with ink or contact paper.

Suvinil’s Satin Quick Dry Enamel paint leaves the wall looking like a blackboard, and can be written on with chalk or a liquid chalk pen. To apply it, simply sand the surface, there is no need for other preparations. And maintenance is also simple, just clean whenever you want with a damp cloth. Synthetic paints also work great!

If you don’t want to reserve an entire wall for this function, but just a fun corner, opt for adhesive contact paper in the shape and size you prefer.

5. Cabin in the room

Finally, a tip that will make the children’s room much more special: invest in a cabin! It exists in several models, and the most common is in the triangular “tent” format, in which some rods support the fabric. If you want to get your hands dirty, here we have organized a DIY children’s hut tutorial.

This proposal comes to replace the amateur huts so common in childhood, usually made up of two chairs and a blanket. In addition to being an aesthetically pleasing and organized solution, children can use it for all their games or even as a reading corner. The room is super functional, organized and fun!

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Project: Doob Arquitetura | Photos: Rafael Renzo / Disclosure

Project: House 2 Architects | Photos: Mariana Orsi / Disclosure

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Project: House 2 Architects | Photo: Rafael Renzo / Disclosure

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