5 Hardcore Facts Septian, Former Singer Is Now A New Idol in Malaysia


Name Tough Septian was widely discussed in Indonesia. In 2013, his presence caused an uproar in the Indonesian music world. At that time, Tegar was a young singer with a sweet voice, who sang a viral song The old me is not the same as the current me.

Before it was like now, Tegar Septian had experienced a difficult life. Since childhood, Tegar has worked as a busker, Mother. Not only because he has a talent for singing, but he also wants to make a living and doesn’t want to burden his parents.

His efforts were then answered by time. At the age of 18, he again made a splash in the music world and married his wife.

Then, at the age of 20, Tegar is now on the rise in Malaysia through the fourth season of the Big Stage 2022 talent show. He was chosen as a new talent.

Well, for more details about Tegar Septian, you can read the facts about him which are summarized from various sources, as follows:

1. Became a busker at the age of 7 and dropped out of school

Little Tegar’s life did attract public attention. Since childhood, he has worked to make his parents happy until he was willing to quit school. Since childhood, Tegar has worked as a busker, Mother.

Not just because you have singing talentbut he also wants to earn a living and does not want to burden his parents.

“When I was still singing, I was 7 years old. To the extent that Tegar’s 2nd grade elementary school was out, I didn’t continue because it was better to go out and earn my own money. With his own experience, Tegar could earn money, but he didn’t ask his parents,” said Tegar.

“Alhamdulillah, Tegar can make his parents happy in his own way,” he continued, holding back tears.

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