5-Year-Old’s Tragic Death After Dental Extraction Leads to Investigation and Hospital Closure

2023-11-18 14:17:04
Hürriyet newspaper said that the Health Directorate in the Turkish state of Bursa sealed a dental clinic the day after the death of a 5-year-old child after having one of his teeth extracted there.

The boy’s parents, Jelena and Aydin Sonmez, told police that on November 10, they went with him to an appointment at a private dental clinic, where he was diagnosed with cavities.

Doctors, under general anesthesia, extracted one tooth and placed fillings on four teeth. During treatment, the child began to bleed, his temperature rose and he began to shake. However, the doctors prescribed him medication and sent him home.

At home, the boy’s health deteriorated again, and his parents took him to a government hospital, but doctors were unable to save him – on November 13, the boy died of multiple organ failure due to lack of oxygen.

The authorities closed the hospital for a month and the prosecution began an investigation. The boy’s parents said that the anesthesiologist did not conduct any examinations before anesthesia and left the clinic without waiting for the child to come to his senses after the operation. (Russia Today)

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