51 people were killed and 51 injured in a massive fire in a church in Imbaba

11:38 p.m

Sunday 14 August 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

A service building affiliated to Abu Sefein Church in Imbaba witnessed a massive fire that killed and injured 51 people, including children.

The official of the Civil Protection Operations Room in Giza received a signal from the Emergency Police Department, with thick smoke rising and flames rising from a church building.

Major General Jaber Bahaa, Director of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, pushed the fire trucks, led by his deputy, in coordination with Major General Ihab Khallaf, director of the North Sector.

Examination revealed that a fire broke out in a service building belonging to the church, which resulted in the death and injury of at least 51 people, including children who were taken to Imbaba General Hospital and Agouza.

And the security services of the Giza Security Directorate, headed by Major General Hisham Abu Al-Nasr, moved to the scene of the fire, to determine its circumstances.

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