6 phrases that immediately betray a bad doctor

“A strange kind of treatment you were prescribed”

Do not humiliate colleagues, even if they are wrong – the golden rule of any doctor. If the doctor you contacted does this, it can give out a person who is not very confident in his abilities, and harm you, because you will begin to worry that you spent a lot of time on the wrong treatment.

“If a doctor devalues ​​the treatment of previous colleagues, which, in his opinion, was wrong, this discredits, first of all, the professionalism of the doctor himself,” she emphasized in an interview with Psychologies Olga Hoffman.

“According to the analyzes, everything is in order, I see no reason to worry”

The expert recalls: even in the time of Hippocrates, it was customary to first of all pay attention to the symptoms of the patient. Modern doctors, spoiled by a huge number of various diagnostic methods, look exclusively at results of analyzes and studiesand the patient’s complaints are attributed to hypochondria.

“A competent doctor uses an integrated approach: he not only studies the received data, but also listens to complaints, is interested in the history of the disease and life,” says Olga Gofman. “This is the only way to establish connections between all the patient’s signals that will help to prescribe the right treatment.”

“There are no problems in my profile, let’s try to be examined by an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist”

This phrase, uttered 5-10 minutes after the start of the reception, should alert. Either they try to “divorce” you into a large number of examinations, or you ended up with an inexperienced doctor. A good specialist does not shift responsibility to colleagues and does not send them to an appointment until he is convinced that this is really necessary. And in a few minutes, he simply will not be able to understand this.

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