685 thousand beneficiaries of “mental health” services in a year

The Ministry of Health revealed that 685,172 people benefited from mental health services, according to the disease groups of the International Classification of Diseases «ICD-10», during the past year 2021 AD, with an increase of more than 110,000 cases compared to the year 2020, which recorded the number of patients reaching 575,962 beneficiaries.

Statistical report

The annual statistical report of the ministry, of which Al-Youm obtained a copy, indicated that 653,795 beneficiaries reviewed the departments. Psychological health In its hospitals last year, including 569,400 patients, and 84,395 new patients, while the number of admitted patients reached 31,377, including 16,468 patients, and 14,909 new patients.

This came in comparison to the year 2020, in which the number of patients reached 550,721, including 492,261 frequent patients, and 58,460 new patients, while the number of inpatients reached 25,241, including 17,683 frequent patients, and 7,553 new patients.

mental disorders

The report indicated that organic mental disorders were recorded during this period 16,638 cases, between references and hypnotists, while mental and behavioral disorders resulting from the use of psychoactive substances were recorded 74,780 cases, including schizophrenia and schizotypal disorders 168,913, then neurotic and distress-related disorders 119,917, and cases of personality disorders and adult behaviors 12,337.

Mental retardation recorded 32,543 cases, mental disorders “unspecified” 26,787, behavioral syndromes associated with disorders of organ functions 10,845 cases, behavioral and emotional disorders beginning in childhood and adolescence 10,133 cases, and psychological development disorders 16,743 cases, while emotional mood disorders recorded 168,913 cases, between References and hypnosis during the past year 2021 AD. Organic disorders

The year 2020 witnessed the registration of 16,219 patients with organic disorders, 161,750 cases of schizophrenia and schizotypal disorders, 92,876 patients with neurotic and distress-related associations, 51,881 patients with psychotropic substances, and 11,671 patients with personality and behavior disorders. Then mental retardation 25,687 patients, unspecified mental disorders 11,067 patients, then behavioral syndromes associated with disorders in the functions of organs 9702 patients, then behavioral and emotional disorders beginning in childhood and adolescence 6164 patients, and disorders of psychological development 7395 patients.

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