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And suddenly it is here – spring! Change is in the air, be it in the home or in the closet. It has to be different, fresher, newer, more beautiful. Sometimes you change your hairstyle and sometimes you just buy something new to wear. It feels good when you combine a few new things with your existing wardrobe. Something different emerges, and that’s what makes us feel good.

A few new accessories, such as sunglasses, earrings or a chic handbag, are enough to feel the new beginning. Maybe a new shirt, blouse or dress can move into the wardrobe. The only important thing is that we recognize enough opportunities to combine the “new” with the “old” well. Give your outfit your signature and let it become your fashionable bliss.

With 7 looks for 7 days I bring you closer to my spring feelings with my favorite spring looks. Be inspired by everything from the casual chic look to the jeans outfit, from the jumpsuit for the theater to the snappy spring dress. I feel spring – do you feel the same way?


I know, not everyone likes Mondays. I’m a little different – I like Mondays. In this I see and feel the new beginning, the beginning of the new week. It feels good to start the week with energy. That’s why a color is popular today that puts me and the person I’m talking in in a good mood.

Monochrome look in GREEN is my theme today. The thin scarf is tied casually and the shirt under the jacket has subtle green lettering. Green pumps give the outfit a more elegant touch than sneakers, which of course go just as well with this sporty outfit. The accessories are unobtrusive in color and give the Monday outfit a casual look.


A light blue trouser suit is a great choice for all ladies who want to express their personality and style. The trouser suit is designed in a different cut. A wonderful outfit for a meeting with business customers to make a good impression with presence and charm.

The accessories such as bags and scarves add spice to the outfit. I wear a longer and a shorter chain. A brooch with pearls is pinned to the lapel. Fashionable pointed sling pumps in a cream tone round off the fashionable look perfectly. One thing is certain: you can always rely on this business outfit.


April, April – he does what he wants. In April there are days that are not only filled with sunshine. Cool days are just as normal as spending a lunch break in the sunshine. For the slightly cooler days in April, a knitted coat is a must. I’m combining today’s outfit in black and white. I once wrote a quote about this combination that always fits: “When I don’t know what to do next, I resort to black and white.”

My outfit consists of a chic knitted coat, which immediately captured my heart, especially because of the print with the capital M. I’ve had my white ruffled blouse for many years and I love it dearly. The black trousers fit this outfit exactly and don’t make it look too sporty. I wear sneakers every now and then because I still have foot problems.


A dress is definitely part of any outfit planning for a week of looking good. I combine my dress in blue and white pattern with a white blazer. For a look suitable for the office, I choose a shirt dress in subtle colors. The versatile style of a shirt dress combines feminine style with the lightness of a dress.

Of course, the dress can just as easily be worn with a cardigan in white or royal blue. This gives it a casual touch and can be worn very well for leisurely leisure time. A striking belt would be another alternative to give the shirt dress a new look. Color contrasts are in demand in spring.


Casual Friday with jeans and a long blouse. A look that is really suitable for every woman, no matter what size we currently wear. The jeans should fit well and comfortably. I prefer high waist pants because they fit where they’re supposed to.

By the way, the advantage of high-waisted jeans is that they visually lengthen the legs. An ideal cut for all women with slightly wider hips and certain curves. This shape of trousers visually conceals a lot.

Are you a fan of long blouses? Then you can definitely wear this all-rounder as a dress in summer. Either at home on the terrace, or combined with sheer tights in your casual leisure time with chic ballerinas. A great summer look.


A visit to the theater is scheduled for Saturday. I put together a special outfit for this beautiful occasion. A green jumpsuit made of silk-like material is combined with a blazer. The blazer is made of trendy boucle fabric. The fabric has very delicate pink and green structures in the material. I also use pink in my handbag and in my pumps.


Finally dirndl time again. Today I’m going to a celebration at Tegernsee. This is a good opportunity to wear one of my 15 dirndls. I feel comfortable in a dirndl. For me it is one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing for a woman.

“Every average woman has a dirndl
an above-average figure!”

7 looks for 7 days in April

My popular blog series “7 Looks for 7 Days” has been around for over 7 years. I’m always blown away by the number of blog views and glowing comments this series receives. Please share this post with your sister, mother, girlfriend, sister-in-law, work colleague and friends. This means that we women 50 plus will always look a little better than we see in our street pictures. Outfit inspiration helps every lady put together new looks with her own wardrobe. And every now and then we can treat ourselves to something new to give the old a breath of fresh air.

  • Which look do you like best in April?
  • Are you already in the mood for new spring looks?
  • What new things did you buy in the spring so that the old things can appear in new splendor?

“Fashion is not something that only exists in clothing.
Fashion is in the air, on the street,
Fashion has something to do with ideas, with the way we live,
with what’s happening.”

(Coco Chanel)

Have a magical, beautiful Sunday with many moments of happiness.
Stay with me – see you soon!

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