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The 76-year-old American movie star Sylvester Stallone has had three marriages. In 1997, he married his current wife, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, and gave birth to three beautiful daughters. In the eyes of outsiders It is a happy family. Unexpectedly, news came out recently that Jennifer has filed for divorce in the court to end this 25-year marriage.

▲Sylvester Stallone and his wife have been married for 3 years and have 3 daughters. (Photo/Dazhi Image)

According to the “Closer” report, Jennifer filed for divorce in a Florida court on the 19th local time. The document mentioned that the reason was “the marriage relationship between the two parties has been irretrievably broken (irretrievably broken).” She is also currently applying to change her original name back to remove her husband’s surname “Strong” from her ID card and completely cut off the relationship between them.

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▲ Sylvester Stallone divorced his wife of 25 years.  (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / jenniferflavinstallone)

▲ Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer are in the process of divorce. (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / jenniferflavinstallone)

In fact, Sylvester Stallone was witnessed on the 23rd going to the tattoo shop and covered his wife’s face, which was originally stabbed on his right hand, with a new tattoo, and the news of the marriage change spread like wildfire. After the news came out, he also euphemistically confirmed through a spokesman: “I love my family, and we are dealing with these private affairs in a friendly and low-key manner.” He admitted that he had filed for divorce with his wife.

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